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Welcome to Project ViKi. |o|

Here’s a group of students from different parts of the world, dreaming of a world without language barriers. From deep down in our hearts, we believe in the possibility of realizing a pre-Babellian universality, where everyone can communicate with anyone. Our aim, though, reaches far beyond the concept of language. Project ViKi is more about sharing cultures, letting people truly appreciate their diversity. All these talks about world peace sound worn out with those beauty contest interviews (“Thank you for choosing me – kiss kiss – I’m overwhelmed to be standing here today, as Miss Universe I’ll do my best to bring about world peace, etc., etc.!!!”), but that doesn’t mean the concept itself is outdated; we still see our Transformers and Superman (Haha) fighting for it, don’t we? The key question here is why they keep coming back! People keep fighting all around the planet, shaming the nowadays almost-trite term globalization. Bam there in Iraq, Boom here in Serbia…. Wouldn’t us earthians become real chum-chums if we could talk and be heard more freely, understand where one another’s coming from, experience and understand different cultural backgrounds and value systems? It’s not such a far-off dream (I already hear you snorting! ), you know, come to think of it; breaking down the language barrier could be a grand step towards this goal – just think! Watch the most popular soap-operas in places outside your country where they have a totally different lifestyle, get a sense of their idea of life, what makes them happy or angry there… Vice versa for those on the other side of the border, and what comes out of it? You all understand each other better, feel closer in distance and mind… less miscommunication. Look, we’re not pulling your leg, this is serious!

Folks keep asking us, “gees, is this about those fancy auto-translation machines you always see on the Sci-Fi Channel? Ones you talk into and get these eerie mechanic voices in all sorts of other languages?” …. Haha. You wish. Language isn’t simply some tool for conveying information and logic – it’s more about emotion, culture, and context, there’s this whole undercurrent to be captured, or else the essential part of communication’s just lost. It’s not about the surface meaning; it’s the ‘life,’ the ‘human’ there. Borat can’t be so funny to people who aren’t familiar with those Hollywood clichés and US consumer culture, right? Can machines capture such subtle sentiments, offer cultural backgrounds, explain the hidden meanings? Why do you think Asimov’s smart robots go through hell to become ‘human’?

Yes, Human! Our world consists of humans, people – of the people, by the people, and for the people… so of course, its languages are all about people. We people are who make, use, and live in all these languages; we built language, and so its barriers, which means that we’re the ones to tear these walls down. No super-power can do this alone, we must come together to do this, hail the potential of joined force! We already see wonders created by collaboration, made possible by WWW, don’t we?

ViKi can be a break-through, imagine how you could watch all the fun videos out there in the world, ones you couldn’t even access cuz they were in all these different languages… you can practice language skills, or simply enjoy, and with all the other people doing the same, everyone’d get a step closer to ultimately understanding what goes on out there, and why. For this ‘dream come true,’ we need none other than YOUR help. Every single contribution you make to our ViiKii system, whether it’s just one word or sentence, will pave the way towards the realization of a grand cultural “Silk Road,” transmitting numerous local contents all over the world, beyond language barriers.

Jiwon Moon

864 Responses to “Welcome to ViKi”

  1. imnotyrbabe Says:

    ^^ awesome idea! i love it ^^ i just found this site a few days ago ^^ Im really enjoy workin on translate those dramas into my own language ^^ Thx ^^

  2. Toonia Says:

    What a clever one !!! I am starting fall head to toe for this site since one of my own country site had just made me disappointed so bad !!!
    Thank you all of you for all the hard work !!! I appreciate all your effort !!!

  3. margibs Says:

    wow great… hope i can join you guys

  4. Hana Says:

    What a wonderful job that all of you had done. I am impress, I wish I can help you but I don’t know how. Thank You.

    • mint0017 Says:

      Come and help, we all the viikiier need some help and new contributor, you can be subber if you know Korean, or even you canbe segmenter if you are not. Learn day by day from VIIKII………. Mostly viikii provide us to know each other all over the world,,,

      • Yatou Says:

        thank you oh so much for the all the impressive subbing work you’ve done so far!!! m(_ _)m
        I would like to help you with the subbing. The thing is I only speak french, spanish and english. May I be of any help??

        Thanks Yatou 😉

  5. ann Says:

    thanks alot for the great job and wonderful concept! 🙂 i’m really happy i can watch dramas all translated and stuff

  6. mAy Says:

    more power to you guys!!! you are doing an awesome job! I hope I could be of help in translating your Korean movies/dramas but I don’t know how. If you can teach me, I will help.

    Can you finish translating the Painter of the Wind and the Love Marriage in English? Would appriciate it very much. Thank you again.

    • Zilly Says:

      You can definitely help in translating the Korean shows. I don’t even know Korean and I can translate some of the easy ones. Basically create a free account in viikii and check out the tutorials and you should be on the way to help the site and everyone to free enjoyment of international shows and cultural undertanding of each other. You will also learn a lot, like me. Hope to we will see you there:}

      P.S. I believe PotW is done with the subs.

  7. yuki Says:

    i am touch with your dream. i am addicted to drama. there is no single day past without drama. korean mostly, and couple japanese & taiwanese drama from time to time. i have been watching “kingdom of the wind” and “painter of the winds” this past couple days. i am very appreciated with viikii’s prompt uploading/subbing team. loving it. this past three years, i have been fascinated by korean drama with background of either Chosun or Goguryo dynasty. i watched lots of them. while enjoying the story line and their heroic action, I can also learn a little bit of korean history and the culture. it is interesting comparing old korean days and present days: the clothing, the language, transportation & lots more things. i am indonesian. i tried to learn Hanguk couple times, but it’s just too hard for me to pronounce. i am not afraid learning the character, but have you ever blame your tongue? i did !! thousand of times. i tried to learn chinese too, but my pronunciation is always in a way. my last resort is japanese, since i can pronounce it as what it suppose to sound. so let’s see … one suggestion, with lots of new drama that release under license. i would suggest to use different way of putting drama title. a little covering would be better, so you don’t have to face law. e.g. some account on other site upload it with abbreviation of the title or some other way. with such positive dream, i don’t want u facing the law. i wish to see viikii run for the longest possible so i can walk to Silk Road with you. wish you best 🙂

    • Zilly Says:

      Wow, impressive that you tried to learn so many languages. I am like you, I am also embarrassed to speak my newly acquired language skills. I am chinese, but Mandarin is a terrible dialect for me and also I took Japanese for 1 year, but I can barely remember most of what I have learn. Korean, I am learning just from Korean drama. Just watching the drama really helps me in my language skills. Hope you have an account with viikii so you can improve your language skills.

      I am thinking there is a way for us to practice all these new languages that we are learning, just get a microphone hook up to your computer and get into the correct computer speaking program and we should be able to communicate with everyone and we can practice foreign skills together. And you can start with people in your level and go up to native speakers when you feel confident. Hmmm…I think my idea is a brilliant one, let me suggest it to viikii:}

      Hope to see you at viikii and maybe we will be language skill practice partners.

    • Zilly Says:

      I have just implemented this idea of mine. Please go and visit my Social Networking Channel in ViiKii:


      Speaking Organization Communicating In All Languages (SOCIAL). This will be our Social networking channel in ViiKii for anyone interested in learning and improving upon any languages in the world.

  8. b_lizard Says:

    This is such a great idea! Thanks for coming up with it. I love Korean dramas but I don’t speak Korean so I always have to search for subs. This makes subbing so much faster and I can watch new episodes almost immediately!

  9. flograp18th Says:

    May your wish come true, that through Viikii you may touch someone with your vision and passion. I share your sentiments.
    I got hooked watching these international dramas and discovered a lot of beautiful things that I enjoy. I enjoyed Korean OST classical music selection (Beethoven Virus), learned how to cook my own soft tofu Kimchi stew, googled the beautiful places, learned new simple words that convey thanks or apologize or sweet nothings. I love the customs and traditions, old buildings/new architecture etc… You are absolutely right, music, art, dance, education,sceneries, human emotions and traditions that display respect/pride/dignity — all of these are generic to any culture.
    I say my thanks to you for your hard work and energy. Every time I will open this site, may you feel my smile and thanks – hopefully, keep you safe and happy. Receive this blessings from a dear friend.

  10. vinc Says:

    Hi, I stumbled on your project by accident, and I have been working seriously on something of a similar nature, because I think even more might be possible with translation thanks to the internet. Can I contact you somewhere?

  11. cliniquegirl28 Says:

    thank you so much for sharing quick sub videos of BOF, you guys are the simply the best.. however, i do have a request….if you guys can grant it, i’ll be happy, if not, its okay…. but can you sub, THE RETURN OF ILJIMAE? plzzz… thanks..if not, its okay as long as you keep subbing boys over flowers, thanks and more power

  12. alwaesboo Says:

    Hi I forgot my password and i realised the [Forget Your Password?] option does not work! I can’t seem to report a bug anywhere or anything, its killing me. i wanted to start another account, but i’ll have to change my username and use a different email. i looked through at my old confirmation email but then i couldn’t find my password in there.

    is there anything to rectify this? i noticed that the []Remember me option was also unable to be clicked.

    But thank you sooooo much for all the awesome videos though!!! i’ll just watch for now without logging in.. haha (:

  13. memey Says:

    wow you guys surely have brilliant idea!! you can’t imagine how many drama addicts “saved” by viikii. I do like to support and contribute to viikii. I hope someday I can take part in translating Japanese drama. I can speak Japanese, English and native Bahasa Indonesia.
    Viva Viikii ^__^V

    • Zilly Says:

      Oh my, you sure can help to translate it. I only started translating (subbing) about last month and it is quite easy and I don’t even know the language that well. How it works is that if your language skills are not that great, you just do the parts that you CAN translate and usually the difficult parts someone will translate it. One episode of a drama can have up to 100 translates, editors, so you don’t need to worry too much about mistakes as people who knows it will make corrections.

      You should definitely get a viikii account and join us. Also, if you start subbing, you will improve your language skills…a lot…and learn in-depth things related to the drama and websites. I feel like viikii is a school I go to because I find it VERY fun and entertaining and great at educating us because we are working on projects we like to do. We choose our assignments, if you don’t like it half way through, you can always pause, stop or go to something you enjoy better. And of course, everything is free!!!!!!!!!

  14. Vaneshk Says:

    OMG I really love korean drama. Thank you sooooo much for your hard work. I would like to help…

  15. kt Says:

    I was trying to find somewhere more appropriate to post this but couldn’t find anywhere so here goes….

    Im a final year BA International Journalism student at a university in the UK and I’m writing an article on the rise in fansubbing online and how more people are watching media not in their first language. I decided to write this kind of article because I myself have watched asian dramas/films etc. for year yet it is not common here in the UK and most people wonder why you bother when theres “stuff you can watch on tv where you dont need subs”….I want to write about how more people should watch different programmes from different countries.

    So…the reason why I’m posting here, is I was wondering if there was any way I could interview you (via email of course) about your views on this topic. Your note here is perfect but obviously I can’t just life it from this site “plagarism ” but would need a direct quote from you.

    Any help, even pointing me in another direction, would be of great help!

  16. atiras Says:

    it is a great idea!!

  17. pseudolhey Says:

    i forgot my password or at least i think it’s not working. Could you pls pls pls help me? The forgot password link is not working too so I can’t get another one.

  18. Candace Says:

    I would like to applaud you JiWon from my heart. I believe your vision is true and possible. I am an example of a student to your ideas. Thanks to you and your fellow translators i am able to enjoy and understand the many nuances that consist in the various cultures offered at viikii. Not only that i am able to enjoy Boys Before Flowers and many others due to the translation efforts of everyone at viikii.

    I thank you guys from the deepest recesses of my heart for opening a new door for me to step into.

  19. lisa Says:

    for happiness u bring 🙂

  20. Andrea Says:

    I was born in Jamaica and lived in canada for half of my life, but I consider myself world citizen. I’ve traveled to different countries and contributed to social and economic development projects for reasons which include the one above. I recently was diagnosed with a mental illness, and cannot travel for the time I don’t live in a metropolis (toronto and montreal, canada) as I did before, but in a small town that enjoys little diversity. Viikii is pretty much my solace right now. I can see and hear cultures and languages that I yearn to immerse myself in. I am absolutely in love with Korea.

    • JJ Says:

      Hello Andrea…. likewise I love Korea since I got all hooked in their beautiful and entertaining dramas! I hope you enjoy the other Kdramas you haven’t seen just yet. Take care

  21. Diey Says:

    Hi everyone.

    This project is very interesting. I love learn new langages. I could help with the translation from english to french. My hindi and Japanese isn’t yet very good even if i can help with some words or sentences ^^.
    I’ll be very happy to join your team.

  22. BG Says:

    It’s very impressed the idea comes from students. It’s really interesting! Well, firstly, I join her just for fun and to watch my fovourite series. Now, I’m helping on translation and I feel belong here now! LOL it’s now becoming my first website to log on. I can see that you can have a big smile by now.. GOOD JOB team!

    Keep up the good work! ^_^

  23. haluna Says:

    The idea is great.. Hope youll make it true. I would like to help 2. But dont know how actually.. im new on viikii 😀
    But good luck with it. ^^

  24. miyon Says:

    hi i having fun using this website and i enjoyed my deramaas thanks

  25. Hsao Says:

    It is really great idea and concepts of viikii. Ya, we all human around the world can feel culture, lifestyle and beautiful sense of nature around the world with less language barrier. Viikii, you are one good source for edutainment. Movies uploaded are not only entertaining to help audiences feel pleasure and relief from any stress; to understand the language of different nationality as education for language as well as for culture. I truthfully appreciate viikii project. I really would like to participate in this project. However, since I have no perfect skill that suits to, the one that I can do is ‘giving encouragement and appreciation’ to your project. Wish to get success forever!!!!

  26. Hsao Says:

    Correction for 4th sentence………

    Uploaded movies are not only entertaining to help audiences feel pleasure and relief from being stress; audiences are contributed to learn or to understand the language of different nationality and culture as education process. Thank….

  27. Maya Says:

    Thank you for your hard-work, I love watching dramas

  28. tootsie Says:



  29. lucy Says:

    Hi, you guys are wonderful!

    Im really enjoy those K dramas translated into my own language. Thx a lot!

    Where can I download all the songs of boys before flowers?

  30. carmen Says:

    Hola mi nombre es Carmen soy peruana me gustaria saber si tiene la novela coreana sweet 18 subtitulada al español les agradeceria que me emvien a mi correo el nombre de la pagina ya que en youtube no esta completa gracias

  31. Vs Says:

    OMG. . .thank u so much!!! I’ve always been addicted to Hong Kong series. . .it all started with The really old version of The Legend of Condor Heroes . . . and Andy Lau in the Return of Condor Heroes.. who could beat the old version!!! I love this website!!!!

    I have an IMPORTANT question. . .where can I purchase this videos with the English sub titled??? Im dying to see the ending of the Sound of Colors. . .and as you all know. . .WAITING IS SOOO HARD. . .

    I fell in love with Wallace Huo in Dolphin Bay series. . .PLEASE HELP!!!!

  32. Vs Says:


  33. Vs Says:

    I JUST WANT TO THANK ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE WORKED SO HARD ON VIIKII!!!! Thank you for making it possible for all of us to watch these movies in the language that we all can understand. . .


  34. tiigontim Says:

    Dear Viikii,

    I’m a new kid on the block ( newly joint member) knowing you thru other websites. it’s beautiful thinking of you that creating this site as an international communication channel. I love it ..BUT.. will have to spend sometime to brown thru it. Is there any suggestions of how to view those interesting dramas, movies ONLINE?

    Thank a bunch for your quick respond!


  35. Lizella Says:

    bonjour ou bonsoir amis étudiants ! goodmorning or evening students!
    beau programme que viikii ! great program is viikkii !
    j’espere partager avec tous ma culture et découvrir d’autres cultures curieuse que je suis (gémeaux) !! i hope share my culture and discover the others as i am gemini so curious !
    déjà j’ai une meilleur connaissance du peuple coréen, taiwannais grace à leurs drama si rafraichissant, droles, émouvants, amusants et romantiques ! depuis que je les regarde je me suis mise à manger asiatique et à cuisiner certains plats !
    already I know more about korean or taiwanese people because i love their dramas so fresh, funny, happy & heart touched , romantic !
    since i am watching i eat & cook their dishes !
    merci pour le travail fait par tous, bon courage et je vais m’y mettre aussi pour mes camarades français ! thank you for the work, fighting & i am beginning my homework with the translayion for frenchies !
    paix et amour !
    peace & love !

  36. flor maraon Says:

    how come episode 14 has no english subs though i click my preferred language translation which is english. i am talking about cain and abel episode 14 by the way. please have it subbed in english now because i am watching right now. thank you.

  37. coloradochings Says:

    Why does it take so long to get episode updates for Stars Lover and Temptation of a Housewife?

  38. Julie Frances Says:

    It’s great to watch all my favourite korean drama over Viikii site. The movies are up to date and with various subtitles. Thks for all the people who has made Viikii a success. Well done! Cheers!

  39. Luna Says:

    Wow! I bet my sociology teacher would LOVE this webpage!!

  40. Jane Says:

    the dramas are great! but it doesn’t load since yesterday… how?

  41. phann Says:

    ขอบคุณทีมงานที่ทำซับไทยให้คนไทยได้ดูหนังดีดี และอยากให้ทำซับไทยทุกเรื่องเลยค่ะ
    ขอบคุณ และ ขอบคุณ

  42. linda yepez Says:

    hola porfavor alguien puede subir la serie coreana 9 end 2 outs porfavor pero en español no se manejar muy bien esta paguina porfavor si l van a poner me avisan gracias Hello please someone can raise the Korean series 9 end 2 outs porfavor but in Spanish not handle very well this paguina porfavor if l are going to put they warn me thank you

  43. miao !!! Says:

    i am really happy wwith the presence of this website — ViiKii.
    i am here to say thank you to ViiKii for viewing the latest video at the fastest speed.
    i have never been to a site which has the quality as good as ViiKii.
    i am very glad with the subtittles too ( a plenty of them )


  44. platipus03 Says:

    thank you viikii… I can watch 霹靂MIT again ^^

  45. meename Says:

    loving your movies in here….
    hoping that you can update and show the list of moviesespecially the latest…
    thanx 4 this site..
    my summer is fun filled…

  46. baibai Says:

    can you translate thai lakorn ngao asoke,it is so so good and hot drama,if you have time,please sub this,thank you,you group always best

  47. jingranyan Says:

    Wow!Here, I see a lot of TV, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and thank you very much for your efforts to the production of subtitles, I also love the Fahrenheit

  48. comradjoel Says:

    Just discovered the site… Wow its so good … especially the concept…before i dont know anything about Korean culture but after i watched IRON EMPRESS it given a idea how rich other cultures out there not blinded with those hollywood movies only. Thanks viikii……

  49. melia Says:

    guys thankyou so much for the hardwork!

    the current craze for me would be Story of a Man,KBS.I’m praying hard you guys will be able to sub it!

    thanks again for the hard work

  50. elizabeth Says:


    i was a hard core viewer of this this site..but now when i try to access the site .. it says like for beta users only.. why is it so 😦

  51. mbates89 Says:

    Hey i am new to viikii and i was just wondering do anybody know how or know someone who can put english subtiltes on spanish videos????

  52. KIMBO Says:

    =D I reckon this place is so cool.
    I just need help to get around this site because I’m a newbie.
    But this place is just so cool!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for making this place the best. >.<

  53. mmvic83 Says:

    How do I become a member.

  54. anne1016 Says:

    I really appreciate all the people that are helping in subbing.
    I just came across this site lately,I usually watch my Asian Dramas thru mysoju which they link to you.
    And I really appreciate that you can subbed it so fast.Most of the time I can’t wait for the next episode of ToGetHer and I am so glad that i can be able to watch it the next day subbed.
    Hope I can help but my Mandarin is non existent{I am not even Chinese}
    I just want you to know that made a lot of people happy and entertained by bringing shows and drama around the world .

  55. femmefataleartemis Says:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work…as someone who’s Chinese isn’t that great, you guys offer me a chance to improve my hearing and comprehension whilst enjoying fun dramas!!!! =) I also love watching all the Japanese and Korean you offer as well! You work so fast!!! I was just wondering when the beta stage would be completed? =[ I really miss watching dramas and movies from your website, I’m going thru withdrawal!!

  56. AnastasiaWun Says:

    Hi, thanks to all founder/s of this wonderful website. It’s a good source to feed my KBS addiction. Jia You, Viiki. Viiki Fighting!

  57. ionssjhs Says:

    Hi! KUDOS to the people behind this project… Been watching Korean dramas thru this site in the past but I wonder why I cant get access to it anymore… (says something like for beta testers only…) I hope you could get it back to normal as it helps a lot, really a lot of people in understanding these dramas… THANKS!

  58. Gigi Says:

    Hi! I’m a newbie here, I have been blogging @ K Pop it.com but just found that it has been taken out or cancelled. So I miss my little community that I used to belong to. Miss talking to some of the people there, just hope they blog here too…..

    Anyways, been watching Korean dramas these past few months, have stopped watching Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, The Practice, Medium, all the other regular TV shows. What can I say, I just got hooked on it. I even eat jajamyeon(black bean paste/sauce noodles), rice rolls(like California rolls), bulgogi, and kimchi. I usually go to the Korean market here and buy marinated ribs and even bought a CD of Best of OST. While shopping , the store was playing it in their store and happened to see a boutique inside the market that sells CDs, hair accesories and purses. I’ve been playing them everyday and whenever I get the chance. They have the songs from my fave shows like BBF’s Stand By Me and other beautiful songs.

    Love, love, love KDramas…..

  59. putinlvpu Says:

    I really feel lucky for finding such a marvelous website. When I find one of my favorite drama “I am ugly betty” with english subtitle, I really believe in the idea “a workd without barrier.”

  60. stfo Says:

    Sorry, i am so stupid. But how can I post a message to another member on viikii.net???

  61. AnastasiaWun Says:

    Stfo, do you know the username of this member? If you know and you can find it in any of the video webpage, you just click on his/her username to open her webpage. From there, you go right down to the bottom where you see Inbox. You click on that word and it should open for you to post comment/note. Cheers

  62. MojoSian Says:

    Hello, I’m currently living in South Korea and would like to join Viikii. However, whenever I visit the website is says “Sorry, beta tester only” and I cannot access anything. Is this because of my location?

  63. rufabernas Says:

    how i wish i could help and join viikii in my own little way, am living here in the southern part of the Phil. i enjoy so much in all your videos and thank you for all the subbers ,segmenters and uploaders. thank you very much.

  64. hyunjin Says:

    This is really one of the best websites for social & international communication. I wish I could be a part of the team in promoting as well as maintaining this site. If I start learning the Korean language, do you think that it will be a big help in the future?

    I watched the East of Eden episodes from the beginning through the end, and considering this was my first time, it came out to be a really good experience. The subs were very well done. I was impressed with the way they handled the translation and subbing. Subbing is not only word-for-word translation, but interpreting the thought the right way and associating it with the culture, the thoughts and the feelings at the moment they are being voiced out. If I were to recommend subbers, I would go back to East of Eden list, especially “saboriana” and “piglet”. Is there a way to reach them through email and request from them to sub some of the dramas in your site? FAMILY HONOR is one of them. There are 54 episodes and it is in need of translators. It is a beautiful story but there are no translators & subbers. Only Koreans can appreciate the drama with their rare culture – the rites, the customs and the clothes, in this modern day time.

    • cgwm808 Says:

      All 54 episondes of Family of Honor are about 99.999% finished in English. The Home page does not list all the episodes put if you go to the last posted one — you can work your way through!
      About translation — if you know Korean and English, just do your best on the simple stuff until you get more confidence. Sometimes, a single sentence gets edited five times — eventually it comes out right with the right “feeling” You are so right about good translation not being “word for word”. Even if you just know Yes, No, Hello, and goodbye, on a newly uploaded video it helps the seasoned translaters as “markers” to have the simple stuff put in quickly so that the subtitle appears simultaneously with the original oral dialogue.
      I got hooked on viikii because I saw the last 20 or so episodes of Family of Honor and went online to look for a DVD to buy and stumbled upon mysoju and from there to viikii.

  65. AnastasiaWun Says:

    Hi hyunjin, I assume you have yet to learn the Korean language. It will take you at least a year of hard work and conscientious efforts put in to your learning before you can grasp the language enough to be able to translate it into English or yr own language. So, if you are really keen, get on it. Hyunjin Hyunjin Fighting!!!

  66. Crazy4Dramas Says:

    Hey can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong? This is my 3rd accounts that signed up w/Viikii, because every time if I’m log out, I can’t log back in. PLEASE HELP! THANK U……


  67. mpc Says:

    i want downoad your subtitles .but i can not do it
    please help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Mithra Says:

      Even i have the same request. i want to download the videos along with the subtitles.
      Did you find a solution for this???? if so please let me know also…. I also need it badly……

  68. Suzie Says:

    Hi: I’d like to make a donation to Viikii but want to do it in a LUMP SUM and NOT monthly. How can I go about making a LUMP SUM payment please? I want to contribute more than $36.00.

  69. aimanhj Says:

    vikii how to download your video with subtitle attach to it.. im trying to download your video but there’s no subtitle in it after finishing the download..thanks

    • Mithra Says:

      Hi aimanhj,

      Even i have the same request. i want to download the videos along with the subtitles.
      Did you find a solution for this???? if so please let me know also…. I also need it badly……

  70. Suparti Says:

    Thank you very much for the English Sub of Korean Drama ” Be Strong Geum Soon “. It’s very nice & I hope will be able to see the complete episodes. I can’t find the DVD with sub in Spore.

  71. raine_bluesh Says:

    hi there!!!!

    i really love this site!!

    this contains all the dramas i really like most!

    please continue to fill our lives with fantasies and emotions!!!


  72. geraldine Says:

    hi there! im searching for viikii dramas but i can’t open the site..it says ” sorry beta tester only” guys please help me..thanks

  73. geraldine Says:

    hi there! im searching for viikii dramas but i can’t open the site..it says ” sorry beta tester only” guys please help me..thanks

  74. Linda Says:


    I would like to know whether Hyun Bin acted in the City Hall?

  75. geraldine Says:

    where can i watch viikki korean dramas? please..because the sire is not working dont know why..help me guys

  76. Crazy4Darmas Says:

    PLEASE…. HELP I can’t log in. WHY? Already sign up 3 account.

  77. geraldine Says:

    hi there! im searching for viikii dramas but i can’t open the site..it says ” sorry beta tester only” guys please help me..thanks pls help me

  78. design checks Says:

    What an interesting and info packed site. Thanks for this, I really appreciate what you have done here. Keep it up, and I will be back for more.

  79. Vickie Says:

    I don’t know how to post at Viikii.net, or I would leave my
    comment there. I want to thank everyone involved for
    their hardwork and dedication to making available english
    subs to videos that are in foreign languages. You are
    indispensible and should be commended!

    I am a Big Vic Chou follower and without your help I
    would not be able fully enjoy watching Black & White.
    I am used to dramas from Taiwan not having english
    subtitles. I have had to wait until someone makes a
    poor copy of it with so-so subtitles and sells it on
    eBay. I had to wait a full 4 years to find a subtitled
    version of Love Storm. I was left with just guess work
    on the story itself until then.

    Again, thank you. You are truly appreciated!!!

  80. kpau Says:

    I would like to know if I could help in some of the Subbing you people are doing. How is subbing done. Do you have to be very proficient in language to do the job or other means through software/hardware combination?

  81. shelter Says:

    as the first time I went viikii, I was really impressed, really like the idea of viikii, that makes us more easy to share and contribute. I hope that viikii will become a great site in future 🙂 aja aja fighting, Thanks for your idea and for creating viikii ^^ XD I love this site

  82. meema Says:

    viikii.net used to ork very well on my computer but now i don’t know why it shows>>
    If you can see this page, it means that your Scalr farm configured succesfully.
    This app instance IP address is
    You are seeing the default page located at /var/www/index.php.
    and when i ant to see a video hosted on another website form viikii it doesn’t show although all other videos work like youtube…
    please help me!! ^_^

  83. ina Says:

    hey,what happened with viikii.net, i already opened back viikii.net on 29th may, but i found “Scalr farm configured. This app instance IP address is (same like as meema said before)
    i really curious, what happened, i hope viikii.net show again,
    i love this site…it’s very cool site
    please somebody told me??Y.Y
    thx a lot..

  84. lilia Says:

    I finally found someone who have the same problem (same like ina said before )
    when I went to viikii web site I found “Scalr farm configured”, “This app instance IP address is” , too.
    I hope viikii will comeback like before so please tell us if it’s normal or not.
    (sorry If I make some mistake cause I’m french and my english is too bad)

  85. lilia Says:

    There is a little improvement because the viikii site can open but we cant see any videos and there is this message:
    “Warning: file_put_contents(/var/viikii/app/tmp/cache/models/develop_2_develop_list) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/viikii/cake/basics.php on line 952”
    Please I’m counting on you .
    (once again sorry for the eventual SPELLING mistakes)

  86. lilia Says:


  87. anna Says:

    hi guy’z somebody tell me how to do it i really try my best but get me headache huhuhuhuhu..plzz help me plzz..

  88. saysay Says:

    hi! The videos, subtitles and segments which were added within past 6days are gone now. Can we still recover them? please reply. thanks

  89. Andreas2105 Says:

    I have made a Viikii account about 2-3 weeks ago, and it was great… but today I suddendly cant even log in saying its
    “Unavailable ViiKii ID!”
    please help!!!!

  90. elenita Says:

    Hi, Id like to request a Philippine drama w/ heart evangelista and JC de vega start tomorrow at GMA 7. Could you plese!

  91. Nermal Says:

    I truly do admire the viikii system since it’s extremely convenient and allows more than one language to be used for one file.

    However, it has come to my attention that your site is hosting hardsubs from other subbing groups without their permission which I have to admit is lowering my image of you guys quite a lot.

    I have no problems for anything that is subbed by the members of the site itself, but uploading other people’s work without their consent is really too much. I hope you can rectify this.

    On this, please keep up the good work and I will encourage anything that you produce yourselves.

  92. u-dream Says:

    Thank you for your hard works…keep on doing what you guys do best…that is dream big no matter what…

  93. Beauty_In_the_Nature Says:

    I have just found this site a couple of weeks ago, really enjoyed watching Queen Seon Duk. Thanks to all of you that make this possible for us to watch the best Korean dramas online. Special thanks to those who are spending such precious times to translate into one single language that we all can understand 🙂 All the best to you all.

  94. elenita Says:

    Please the drama series Ngayon at kailanman with heart evangelista and JC vega. It started last week!

  95. KattyBlackyard Says:

    Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

  96. gay Says:

    hi! you’ve made a tremendous effort on this site and I congratulate you! nice job! thumbs up for you!!!!

    I’m from the Philippines and I’ve been hooked in watching asian dramas and movies ever since i got to know how to go to different sites(like youtube, soompi, oviguide, mysoju and crunchyroll). Now a days i’ve been watching lakorns and i find it interesting and entertaining. It’s really nice to know that a lot of subbers are trying so hard just so that everybody could watch wonderful dramas and movies from different countries. I applaud all the subbers who are giving their precious time with lots of patience and hardwork, it’s not an easy job!

    Thanks so much! keep it up! more power to you and all the subbers!

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    Hi; I’m a newly registered member to the ViiKii.net, even though I’ve been watching many dramas here for the past several months with great pleasure. I do really commend all the contributors who make this meaningful site so popular and successful.

    Even though I’m a native Korean, my English is not good enough to contribute as a translator – as ViiKii said in the opening remark, translating language does not just require language skills, but also understanding its culture and people…Korean society is a very vertical society, just like in military – as soon as you meet someone, you have to gauge your place to know how to address the other person (such as to know the difference between Hyung and Sunbae)

    Since I cannot contribute in any other meaningful way to ViiKii, I would like to make a monetary contribution to show my appreciation not only to ViiKii, but also to all of you hard working contributors. However, I want to make it as a one lump sum donation from time to time, rather than monthly… and by other means than paypal… please let me know the suitable way… Thank you again, and keep up the good work!!

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    Interesting ideas here. Thanks for posting, will add to my RSS feed.

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    I Love the way you write…thanks for posting

  105. Nadira Says:

    What happened to the sub on FAMILY HONOR and for the pass 8 days and only sub ae finish on episodes 39 full. and their are no updates on the episodes so far it has stuck to 43. Can you kindly let me know when this drama will be completed . ( I think the drama ends at 54 episodes)

  106. MoOnoy Says:

    HiHi ViiKii ^^

    I’m TERY come from Thailand Fan of The Return Of Iljimae 😉
    First time,i know you from soompi and i’m looking forward to this website. But,now The Return Of Iljimae to have Ep.20 (9/7) T_T
    How long when you upload finish @ Ep.24 ^_____^
    I’m waitting for u.Please

  107. manesitta Says:

    Your dreams is mine too!!!

  108. irumi-chan Says:

    I’m a administrator from a fansub in spanish, we really want use your subtittles of “Romance Zero”, if you can reply to our comment sending a message to my mail , we rwally want to sub this Dorama to our lenguage, spanish ^_ ^ and for this we need your help ^^u.

    PD:Sorry for my bad english xD

    Please answer soon

    • ViiKii Admin Says:

      Hi irumi-chan,

      We, ViiKii, don’t directly manage content on our site. To hear the answer to your question, you can contact the fansubbers in the channel and ask their permission. For example, you can leave comments in the channel or send an inbox message to them

      Thanks for asking!

      – ViiKii Admin

  109. Nadira Says:

    I have been waiting for the pass week to have the completion of subtitlles on “Family Honor”. When will it be completed.– The episodes that need to be translate is 50-54. We all need to know the ending. Do not make us wait too long.
    I notice that some dramas are sub faster than others. Why????

  110. atnasa Says:

    Have you thought about putting subs on some Spanish dramas? If you have, I have some I would like to see with English subs. “Muneca Brava”, and “Sos Me Vida”. Please let me Know if you can. I would be glad to help sub them into English. I love your site and all the Asian dramas you have on it. I have to say that I am now hooked on them!!

  111. icy Says:

    i just love watching all your drama series here and very thankful that many are willing to sub them so fast that we do really enjoy every episodes.thanks and more power to you all.i just hope that i could also be of help but sad to say, i dont understand korean language yet.

  112. janielle Says:

    I have downloaded up to episode 24 of ‘Shining Inheritance@Brilliant Legacy’ from viikii but was devastated to find that the downloads do not have subtitles as seen in the live play. Why is that so? Please advise…cz I’m currently stuck halfway through the entire series…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

  113. Nadira Says:

    Do you know where I can buy the DVD for Family Honor with english sub.
    I also have to applaude viikii for doing the translations for all those dramas.— I just wish that I could have done some subs for korean drama , but I only speak, read and write english.— I just got hooked on the korean dramas by accident.

  114. Angelique Says:

    I would like to know if you have Thai Lakorns that are already completed with English sub. Is there anywhere we can access these files if you do have them archived somewhere else?

    I noticed that you have a collection of Thai Lakorns but they are still to be completed.

  115. Angelique Says:

    For those of you who haven’t seen a Thai lakorn, I’d suggest you try it as they’ve almost always have good storyline and happy endings which Kdrama lacks. They’ve got good romantic comedy without the actress overacting like some Taiwanese actress.

    At present, I am watching GAE ROY RAK with Eng sub at YouTube. It is a mystery with a little bit of haunting from a dead singer and the female lead trying to solve the case.

  116. Dawn Says:

    So uhh… This page probably isn’t the best place to ask this but my options are kind of limited concidering that I’m doing this on my pda phone… But I was just wondering how would I contact viikii or make a suggestion on making viikii mobile or something like that. So that people who are always on the go could enjoy watching korean dramas on their cell phone… Or more likely PDAs. Especially for the blackberry curve 🙂

  117. sexy back Says:

    janielle, i have the same issue too. Wonder why the subtitles are not included in my downloads too….huhu…

  118. jakeh Says:

    kindly upload the last two episodes of the beautiful korean drama shining inheritance. please, please please

  119. mnia706 Says:


    You and your friends are visionaries. . . and dreamers after my own heart! The best kind of dreamers at that!. . . the kind that are willing to take risks necessary to make it reality. . . and share the rewards.

    I just wanted to say how grateful I am, and that my perspective of the world is changed because of viikii and you! I am realizing your vision for myself and learning and changing, because some students dared to dream they could bring the world together this way. . . I believe in and am ever so grateful for the friends I hae mad and the understanding I now have!

  120. ikabaex Says:

    aimanhj Says:
    May 17, 2009 at 3:15 am | Reply

    vikii how to download your video with subtitle attach to it.. im trying to download your video but there’s no subtitle in it after finishing the download..thanks


    I have same problem with aimanhj. Would you tell me the solution, please. Thx a lot…

    • mithra Says:

      hey ikabaex and TeeGee even i have the same problem. But i found a solution but it not working unless you donate to the viikii site. If u have already donated then mail me, i will give you the solution so u can try. I didnt try because i have not donated.

  121. Ho Sook Says:

    Aloha all at Viikii,

    How do you download your video’s? What program do I need to install to accomplish this? Or even better, where can I buy these videos with subtitles, without breaking the bank?

  122. necama Says:

    Good Evening, why all of a sudden the No. of viers is erased it shows
    O viers, do yo know what is the problem?
    let us know please,
    thank you and good night!!!

  123. TeeGee Says:

    aimanhj Says:
    May 17, 2009 at 3:15 am | Reply

    vikii how to download your video with subtitle attach to it.. im trying to download your video but there’s no subtitle in it after finishing the download..thanks

    i have the same problem as ikabaex n aimanhj..also with janielle’s and sexy back’s problem…WHERE ARE D SUBTITLES? D ppl at Viikii seems to b lacking RAM (speed) in responding to our problem.

  124. araaks Says:

    Hola Viikii!!!!

    Thanks for share your dream with everyone here!!!!!!

  125. Carmelita Says:

    Hi, I’m from New York. I have been watching Family’s Honor and I even donated about$10 so that I can watch the whole series, but lately, I am having a hard finishing it. I’m already in Episode 43 , please try to help me. Thanks

  126. pauline goh Says:


  127. Celeste Says:

    Hi , i am sorry t say tht i am annoyed by ur videos.
    Some just cant load , subtitles are either slow or fast.
    Look , can you all upgrade your standard? And i just cant stand all th ‘cute’ nicknames. Its super childish and its so vexatious. -.-
    Because of your ‘super good quality’ video , it made me lost th whole episope. Do someth about it . Tyvm.

  128. rosebernedett Says:

    dear: owner of viikii
    i don’t know where to leave you this comment. i hope you get this. i am having problems with a member of viikii the name of the member is yeaj5 he/she is deleting my comments and arrasing me. please leave a comment to him or her to stop arrasing me and tell her or him to respect other people comments and opinions. i don’t like to play childish game i don’t have the time. if for any chance i leave a comment yeaj5 delete’s it so please tell yeaj5 to stop and respect other peoples work. i will really appreciate so much if you can help me. your new friend from viikii rosebernedett

  129. ikz Says:

    this is a site i love. i love viikii. and i love queen seon deok. yal gotta watch that drama. im foreal. its a type of drama that gets you in the “edge” of your seat and for everyone. if yal need any help im here!

  130. dramafanatic Says:

    There was a Chinese/Taiwanese drama called “He Was Cool” that I wat watching..but now I cannot seem to find it. Does anybody know how I can get it again? I put the name in the search section…but nothing comes up?? Please please let me know! Thank You!!

  131. lilia Says:

    I just wanted to say that there are some problemes with the video I can’t see anything cause there are a problem with the loading so please I hope that you will consider and fix it.
    thank you so much. And obvious your site is the best -_-
    ha!!!!!!!!!!!! and sorry my english is very bad

  132. flyinggoose Says:

    i can watch the video fine online but when dl the file using download helper and play it back there are no subtitles. where did it disappear to?? can you help me plz. it only happens with viikii files. thx in advance

  133. Marshmellows Says:


    I really enjoy watching the videos in viikii, thank you so much and i appreciate for the effort put in. I can tell that it’s not an easy job and it requires time and patience. If you don’t mind, i would like be to part of the team and help out. ^^ We should share good dramas with people around the world, language shouldn’t be a barrier for this =D

    * I can write and speak in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay ^^

  134. arca Says:

    merhaba ben wiikii videolarını izleyemiyorum herhangi bir program olması mı gerekiyor

  135. theng Says:

    can i know how much for this drama..$ into MYR …

  136. michelle Says:

    i like ur website got subtitles in english…if i sign in did wan to pay anything to u…if i pay for this website hav limit to looking depand 1 day can see how many drama..in ur place just can use how many day only example 365 days 1yr..

  137. cansel Says:

    merhaba sizden ricam meteor shower dizisini türkçe çevirmeniz eğer çevirirseniz gerçekten çok sevinirim eminim birçok kişi bunu istiyordur şimdiden ilginiz ve emeğiniz için teşekkürler ve bir çok dizinin dha türkçe alt yazı olması dileğiyle 🙂

  138. stargeizer Says:

    best things I ever saw on the internet! you rock man!

  139. jiji Says:


    Im glad that with viikii I can watch korean dramas with english sub. I hope you can upload the complete episode of Famous Princesses in English sub. I have watched some of the episodes in youtube but with chinese sub. And in mysoju.com only 16 episodes and I cannot watch them by veoh.


    Jiji (Dubai)

  140. simon choi Says:

    Please have postal code box corrected in the donation application.
    I kept puttting my postal code, you did not accept it.
    Thank you.

    Simon Cho
    Toronto, Canada

  141. mhel Says:

    hi guys i dont know to say while i’m watching drama’s i alway’s stop s short while because that thing is so annoying i hope you guys can settle that as soon as possible or will guys tell me how to watch my favorate drama with out abstraction canyou give us a link to watch while you fixing your website
    thank you so much of your efforts

  142. tuswit Says:

    Thanks to you all & glad viikii is one of the sites that wld feed my Korean drama addiction. I’ve always enjoyed watching from your site and wondered if you got some information which i gathered from reading one of the postings in a popular site that after watching from viikii lately, that her friend got a virus infection in her computer! Today, after reading that posting, I have been reluctant to open viikii videos to watch my favorite drama. I wld appreciate if you could please shed some light on this and if viikii is aware of this.
    Many thanks again.

  143. kailouer Says:

    How could i not watch the episode of shining inheritance…episode 27 onwards…??? ive already sign up into this account and used it to the site hoping to watch the series but i count open it anymore…i think your UNFAIR.!!! mysoju site is open to the public and yet you invade it…!!!!

  144. PianoMusic Says:

    Why does this site only show Episode 28 when episode 29 and 30 are available on other sites?

  145. espie Says:

    thanks viikii for uploading dramas hope you can fix the problem soon… you are the fastest site among them..gud luck and more power

  146. espie Says:

    hope you can subs all those dramas in tagalog tnx

  147. PianoMusic Says:

    For the Queen Seon Duk series, you are listing Episode 28 as the most recent episode but episode 29 and 30 are already available. Should I go to another site to view these?

  148. saradogan Says:

    my fair lady dizisini Türkçe alt yazılı verdiğiniz gibi diğer kore dizilerini de Türkçe verseniz çok sevinirim.Türkiye de o kadar çok GÜney Kore seveni varken lütfen bunu dikkate alın…teşekkürler

  149. gilad Says:

    i found viikii a month ago and started working on translating korean dramas which i like to my own language and find it very interestating…long live viikii
    and its administrators and all the users.

  150. gilad Says:

    i found viikii a month ago and started working on translating korean dramas which i like to my own language and find it very interestating…long live viikii
    and its administrators and all the users. fighting!

  151. JeongwonYou Says:

    What th Hell!!!
    Episode 5 part 1, I feel pity for the grandpa who is asking 1 favor before he die and he’s only son doesn’t accept it!!
    So Mean, If I was him I would accept it right away…….

  152. Marina Lemanua Says:

    Thank you Viikii for allowing all different cultures to unite as one. Diversity is the world and the World is at Viikii.

  153. pauline goh Says:

    I don’t know why when i click to channel, all the pictures should appear with the title but i get small tv sign… how do i switch that back on. thank you

  154. cathyouchka Says:

    Hi every one !

    First, thank you for the job !

    And if I can help translating in french, i’d be glad to help you !

  155. UMALY Says:

    WOW soooo touching!!! i loved your dream guyz!!! GO FOR IT!!! & thanks for the hard work 😀

  156. Kim Hyun Rhoe Says:

    Hi everyone!
    Thank you for translating every dramas posted here in viikii. I greatly appreciated your effort just to make the viewers understand what they are watching…thank you very much viikii group…
    God bless everyone of you!!

  157. Mlle Ju Says:

    Merci pour tout ce que vous faites sur Viikii ♥ Ce site est génial. ^^ Je le conseille à tout mes amis.

  158. froztrated Says:

    i’ve been watching the Kdrama I Love You Don’t Cry and recently accdg to your site youtube has been rejecting your upload or something to that effect…my question is…are you still continuing with the series or you’re just awaiting for it to get subbed? i’ve been checking & checking for the nxt episode but the page when i clicked on the epis just gave me that message about youtube problem. pls pls let me know what’s going on exactly as i’m sure there are other viewers who have been hooked with this drama! many thnx for you guys, you’re doing an excellent job sharing so many good dramas!

  159. Nicole Says:

    Hello everybody!!! OMG!!! Thank you very much for translating dramas especially My fair Lady, I love it, but there are only 8 chapters so far?? I’ve already seen them all?? I can’t belive it, it’s such a great Kdrama, de verdad muchas gracias por traducir todos los dramas, yo soy de mexico y honestamente es grandioso que existan este tipo de redes para nosotros, sin importar de donde venimos y el idioma que hablemos, de verdad muchas gracias por las traducciones, thank you very much, merci!!

  160. FSangel Says:

    Please please.. Where can I download your subtitles for Chinese Paladin 3? Pretty please send to me. Oh thank you so so much!

  161. Kim Hyun Rhoe Says:

    Hi everyone!!! My Fair Lady is such a great drama ever. I love it.

    • tuswit Says:

      hi kimhyun — i agree with you My Fair Lady is one of the best Kdramas i’ve seen, & love it too….i like it better than boys before flowers…no offense BBF fans, cause i did watch & was entertained by it too but i like this one better!

    • jcfm Says:

      wow xD hahaha ^_^ i never watch either one of those BOF or xD my fair lady xD hahaha but kim hyun rhoe i think is the real name of my idol his screen name is kim hye seong xD

  162. tuswit Says:

    Thnx for uploading Lady Castle or My Fair Lady! It’s one of my fave dramas and to answer Nicole here, it’s got 16 episodes so 8 more to go! I’m liking it very much too & always looking f/ward to watching every week on viiKii! Viikii you’re all doing a good job & more power to you all…the subbers & uploaders and all viiKii staff! You guys rock!

    • Nicole Says:

      Thank you very 4 the info!! Yes, so 6 more and that’s all!! OMG I can’t wait, it’s such a good drama, Viikii you are awesom!! Thank you sooo much for all of this!! Have a nice day! 🙂

      • tuswit Says:

        U’r more than welcome Nicole! 8 more episodes not 6 …I also love this drama & can’t wait for the rest…I like the butler…Yoon Sang hyun… you shld watch Queen of Housewives he’s in that drama too, you’ll like it. Again, you’re welcome & you too have a nice day!

  163. kity Says:

    hi viikii team! i wanna thank u all again for existing,for ur awesome idea of creating this site! u know i luv u rite? mwah much much love and suport from me! SHARING IS CARING! aja aja hwaiting^^V /~~~~~ cheers from ROMANIA!

  164. Nicole Says:

    Jeje Hey tuswit I think i got to exited and i wrote 6 instead of 8 jeje sorry, but thank you sooo much, to all team Viikii thanks for making all of this possible, Mexico says THANK YOU!!!

    • tuswit Says:

      ola nicole…no problema…yo comprendo… i can’t really speak spanish fluently, un pokito.. anyway, it’s ok we get excited sometimes & i just wanted to clarify that’s 8 chapters more. Thnx to viikii that we can enjoy wonderful dramas such as my fair lady! take care!

  165. tuswit Says:

    hello viikii first of, many thnx again for sharing good Kdramas & other dramas for that matter! can you pls let me know how to find Swallow the Sun as it’s quite difficult to find the episode i wanted to watch. I did a search box & typed the title plus the episode but still it went back to the main page! pls if you can give me some tips or fellow viewers here can let me know …i wld appreciate it v. much! thnx in advance!

    • Nicole Says:

      Hey you, hey you!!! I found your drama Swallow the sun, but ahm not in here, i found it on http://www.mysoju.com, it’s the #5 of the 25 dramas of the week!! jeje i hope it works, nice day!!

      • tuswit Says:

        gracias nicole…i know it’s on mysoju but the links i wanted are broken and i prefer to watch it also on viikii but just the same many thanks. you too have a nice day!

  166. Nicole Says:

    Tuswit jeje great! but now I’m curious where are you from??? and even more curious what are you?? calm down, I mean boy or girl?? jeje que padre que sepas un pokito de español, viikii es genail, even we don’t speak the same lenguage we can totally understand each other, that’s awesom!! 😀

  167. tuswit Says:

    what does jeje means? ok i’m female and from Estados Unidos! i know it’s awesome! thnx and take care!

    • Nicole Says:

      jeje it’s like some kind of laugh like in cartoons, but here in Mexico we have the “jaja, jeje, jiji, etc” so we can laugh but not like a LOL, it’s like more discret laugh, like funny laughing. I think you use the haha! or Lol but we use the jaja or jeje, so it’s basically the same 😀

  168. Smellymon Says:

    Is there something wrong with the vikii site? i cant see the videos help plzz.

    • jinjoo Says:

      to smellymom — i sometimes encountered same problem but after a few minutes you try again it’ll load! which one are you watching if i may ask?

  169. Smellymon Says:

    I am actually watching many of them The city of Glass, Swallow the sun,etc evey day i visit the site but at the end of the window it says dddone but error on the page

  170. agnes Says:

    hello can anybody tell me how can i watch the videos from my ipodtouch thanks

  171. Smellymon Says:

    plz could someone make the site work? thanks

    • JJ Says:

      to smellymon, you shld check if you have adobe flashplayer update..it happened to me sometimes ago then i added mozilla firefox as one of my browsers & once you d/loaded mozilla, and go to viikii it asked me to update my flash player & when i did i was able to watch at viikii. I share your frustration as this happened to me too. My prob now is youtube, when i watch on youtube, it doesn’t stream at all unlike before and even though i got my adobe flash updated it was still the same, sometimes it works i guess it depends on what the uploader used for a certain video. good luck! if it doesn’t work send viikii another message!

  172. Smellymon Says:

    thanks but what to do when its youtube problem?

  173. JJ Says:

    mind you i got same prob. with youtube, most times i had to push the mouse manually so i can see the rest of them. frustrating as it is i can’t watch so much from youtube!

  174. Smellymon Says:

    Could someone upload City of Glass episode 9 and 10 i cant watch it.

  175. Elizabeth Koh Says:

    I’ve been watching Tempted Again upto Part 71. When Parts 72 to 77 was loaded I’m unable to watch because my screen won’t work. When I clicked ‘VIKKI’ for help it shows the video has been deleted. Please, please can you advise what happened? I just LOVE this show! Thanks. Frustrated.

  176. Miraluna Says:

    Thanks a lot..im watching Princess Ja Myung Go, but im always caught up in traffic…how many hours does i have to wait until the traffic will be cleared? but really thank you so much for the hard work of the segmenters and translators…More power…

  177. bamboo Says:

    Just wanna say that viiKii is so great and the subbers, uploaders, segmenters and all the one concerned are to be commended for! I’ve been watching Lady Castle or MFL and you guys are just speedy gonzalez…you never waste time. I’m sure with the way you contribute your time and effort that your good/great job won’t ever go unnoticed! I can’t thank you enough from myself, friends, family who have been satisfied with your site! You guys are awesome & hats off to you from us! Thanks a million from the bottom of our hearts! Bless your hearts!

  178. AnGelO Says:


  179. AnastasiaWun Says:

    Hi all, could anyone please help upload the Chinese drama “The Charm Beneath”? I’ve just started to catch this over local TV channel and it seems to get quite interesting. Can anyone please let me have the link if it’s available in youtube or epdrama?

  180. appleblahsums Says:

    one of the things i appreciate watching from viikii is the concept of discussion when you’re watching a certain drama. you can express what you feel and feel like you’re watching with the viewers coz you can respond to their comment/s. It’s such a good feeling to be able to communicate with your fellow viewers, it makes me feel like i’m watching it with someone beside me! Great concept ViiKii! All the work that the uploaders/subbers/segmenters do are just commendable….you guys are awesome! Thanks for sharing the wonderful dramas especially with your rapidness in subbing them like My Fair Lady! One of my favorite dramas and dread to think it’s ending soon! I’ll surely feel empty when the time comes it wraps up! I just don’t understand why the ratings of this good drama is very low, it’s one of the best entertainment drama ever! Love the actors and each week it just gets better! The KISS scene i must’ve watched ___th times! *__*

  181. Nanaluvren Says:

    Hey there Viikii Gods ;P

    I’m having a bit of a problem and I don’t know what to do! You see for the past 2 days I have not been able to watch videos at Viikii ’cause the pages just never finish loading….it seems there is an issue accessing the amazon server you guys are in (amazonaws or something similar). Please, if you know why this is happening/how to fix it let me know! Thank you for all your work so far, much appreciated!

  182. Nadira Says:

    The link that , we are being instructed to download is not working, I have tried many times to download that link to ‘you tube’ did not get anywhere with it.. can someone advise me on what to do.

  183. hunghaukj Says:

    you guys are doing a great job! I love Thai Drama, but unforturnately I do not know Thai. I have been watching the Thai Drama (SILAMANNEE) on Youtube but they did not finished the translation for about a year now. Could you do the subbing for this drama.

    Once again Thanks a lot for all the hard work you guys have put in!

  184. Ken C. Says:

    Thank you who-ever adds the subtitles. I know it must be lots of work. I am really enjoying the Korean dramas. At this time “Take care of the young lady”

    Thank you again!!

  185. Smellymon Says:

    I am having problem again with the videos the color of the line next to the video does not move so i cant watch the entire video i know its coz of the error but could anyone give me pointers as to what i must do?

  186. cassidy Says:

    Is this free to download?

  187. melaboa Says:

    Hi guys! I am the mod of We Got Married Season 2! and viikii is the best! I can’t believe someone came up with this! but I do hope viikii can find ways to make it easy for video adders to automatically add segmenters…Gosh, I barely have any time to watch or even finish watching my favorite dramas (Dream!!!!) cause of college (try being a Junior majoring in accounting T_T)

  188. megabogs Says:

    i am nearly computer illiterate except for being able to watch and enjoy a few asian tv series. i would like to repay the comnity by giving back. however i only know filipino and english. i saw that the flipino version of lovers in paris” may still need subbers and segmenters. I dont know how to do either at this point. is there a tutorial that i can learn from? and how can i get in touch with the video manager to volunteer after i learned?

  189. yy Says:


    I just wonder, is there a legal issue on the video that we uploaded to viikii?


  190. ling Says:

    Hi, stumble upon your website which is most interesting. Do I have to join as a member. Cannot find the link for joining as member. Pls email me.


  191. mimi Says:

    pelase help me. anybody know how to find all about eve, the korea movie in Viikii web site. because i couldn’t find that movie. thx

  192. ling Says:

    TkS. Hello Everyone, I am new here. Tkq for your all efforts.

  193. alikim Says:


    I have question. I noticed that some of the vidoes/dramas has Korean caption/dialogues. I love this because sometimes I don’t understand what person said, and it helps to read the dialogue in Korean. Did someone actually type the Korean dialogue or are you guys getting them from somewhere? If you guys got them from somewhere, can you share how I can obtain those dialogues for dramas? Thank you so much

    • alliesv Says:

      There are people who actually type Korean subtitles… At Viikii you can input subtitles from many languages besides English.

  194. lovetheworld Says:

    viikii is simply revolutionary……………a perfect example shown by JiWon of how people should take steps to translate their dream into reality rather than just leave it as a dream.

  195. saranya Says:


  196. PhuongLe Says:

    i tried to play the embedded video but it wont load and when i go to the link the video still doesn’t load i also downloaded the viikii plugin

  197. Julie Says:

    I truely enjoy what I read up top. I’ve been interested in Languages, and so I watch many different films and dramas to understand the each individual, unique Language.

  198. Julie Says:

    I loved what I read up top. I’ve been interested in Languages, so I watch many different films and dramas to enhance my Language skills. I watch a few videos and Loved it.

  199. dyana Says:

    i likes worlds within korean drama..
    can u send full episode to my email??

  200. solo Says:

    Sure, Viikii is a very interesting site.
    But, it is completely illegal and encourages people to upload copyright protected material on video hosting sites like Youtube, Yahoo, …
    Yes, it helps bringing different cultures together. Yes, it helps learning other languages….
    Then, why don’t you steal plane tickets to travel free? Or steal language books to learn foreign languages?
    A good cause does not justify illegal means.

  201. piksou Says:

    salut je trove que ce que vous faites est vraiment genial j’aimerais pouvoir vous aider en traduisant des dramas en français jèspère que vous serez d’accord.je suis toujour content quand je vois des dramas traduit en français et jèspère pouvoir vous aider en rendant d’autres personnes heureux

  202. piksou Says:

    salut je trove que ce que vous faites est vraiment genial j’aimerais pouvoir VOUS AIDER en traduisant des drames en français jespère que vous serez d’accord. je suis toujour content quand je vois des drames traduit en français et jespère pouvoir VOUS AIDER EN rendant Heureux d’autres personnes

  203. Mary Ann EIler Says:

    Do you know why the IRIS viddeos have been removed? Is there a copyright problem or something? I was just beginning to get into the series. I’d appreciate any info.
    Thanks. MA

  204. Rye X Says:

    Its probably because of the second person above you(exclude double post).

    Someone who feel like bringing justice to this world thinking he is on the righteous path of his life.

  205. lilia Says:

    I just wanted to know why when I want to watch a video on viikii site, the following message appear:

    CakePHP Rapid Development
    Missing Model
    No class found for the Util model

    Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app/views/errors/missing_model.thtml.

    Fatal: Create the class below in file : app/models/util.php

    So tell me please if the probleme is normal or not and if someone has the same probleme.
    Thanks (heu ! sorry the the mistakes cause I’m french and my english is really bad)

  206. hoon koh Says:

    I have the same problem

  207. lilia Says:

    The probleme about the following message is still here when I want to watch a video the following message appear:

    “CakePHP Rapid Development
    Missing Model
    No class found for the Util model

    Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app/views/errors/missing_model.thtml.

    Fatal: Create the class below in file : app/models/util.php

    I really hope that someone will solve this probleme because the next wednesday there is YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL and I really want to see this dramas . So pleaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeee make something I’m begging you. There are also another person with the same probleme hoon koh) and mabe there are more people .
    Thank you so much for reading this message and trying to find a solution.
    MERCI BEAUCOUP. ( like I always say: sorry for the mistakes cause I’m french and my english is really bad)

  208. name Says:


  209. vicmiki Says:

    Hello …

    Thanks to you I can see the drama that I like so much …

    thanks to you I can understand the history of drama that I watch ..

    Heartfelt thanks

  210. lilia Says:


    Thank you so much for solving the probleme It’s a relief………….
    I’m so thankful for your hard work.

    MERCI BEAUCOUP. I’m so happy I’ll be able to watch “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” this week. Once again THANK YOU.

  211. Rachel Says:

    hey what happens with the series of you ¨ r beautiful?
    I’m super traumatized by that and want to see chapter 9!!
    thank them if they tell me that happens: P
    aaaa and thanks for uploading this series ………

  212. ami Says:

    Hi, I’d like to know how to help to translate to my own language. Let me know, please. Thanks!

  213. Irina Says:

    I wanted to say this is a great Idia. I mean I never actually liked or disliked Koreans. Mainly because I didn’t know anything about them and their culture, but after watching their dramas, I fell in love with Koreans and their Culture I think I even became more open minded to their Ideas and Life style.
    I also wanted to share some of my Ideas.
    I wanted to know if I can translate russian Dramas to English, but How do I do that. How do I subtitle them and put them on Viikii.net ?

  214. Amelia Says:

    wow… this is really cool. I wanna help too but i don’t know korean. I only know chinese. may i know if you guys subbed taiwanese dramas? if you guys do, may i know how to join?

    thanks 🙂

  215. carole Says:

    Thank you all for your hard work. I wish I could help but I do not understand Korean, I just depend on the substitle to understand the drama. You have made this old woman happy because I am addicted to Korean drama. Kam sam mida to all. Thank You very much.

  216. liz Says:

    i wish i could help translate, but i don’t speak korean. i really enjoy watching all the dramas in your site. thank you for the great job of uploading and subbing.

    i just noticed tonight though that the site doesn’t seem to be working. are you guys having a problem? i sure hope it gets fixed soon.

    keep up the great work!

  217. alejan galzote Says:

    Thank you so much for everything you are doing providing people to reach up and touch each other through this artistic media. Although I cannot help because of inadequate knowledge of languages, I hope that a meager contribution will suffice.
    Can you just help me? What is the reason why if I would request for a video,it will show “Internet explorer cannot display webpage”? Connection is OK and windows show no problem, so what do you think the problem is?It just started 12 hrs. ago on both my computers.Any help will be appreciated by this grandma who found your website so entertaining. THANKS

  218. mary Says:

    what happened to viikii.net? the site’s not working. i’ve been getting error messages for days, but have been able to watch videos eventually. site was lagging yesterday and now doesn’t work. Guess too many people are on. hope this problem gets fixed soon.

    Warning: mysqli_connect() [function.mysqli-connect]: (08004/1040): Too many connections in /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/cake/libs/model/dbo/dbo_mysqli.php on line 93

    Warning: mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given in /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/cake/libs/model/dbo/dbo_mysqli.php on line 126

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/cake/libs/model/dbo/dbo_mysqli.php:93) in /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/cake/libs/session.php on line 154

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/cake/libs/model/dbo/dbo_mysqli.php:93) in /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/cake/libs/session.php on line 154

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/cake/libs/model/dbo/dbo_mysqli.php:93) in /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/cake/libs/session.php on line 155

    CakePHP Rapid Development
    Missing Database Table
    No Database table for model Advertisement (expected “advertisements”), create it first.

  219. tania Says:

    i have the same problem as mary’s. hope this is fixed soon 🙂

  220. Bubble2010 Says:


    I can’t go on viikii as well, I hope it’s not too big a problem?
    This site is so great.

  221. 223 Says:

    ^same problem as aboce. Hope it gets fixed soon. pretty please. 🙂

  222. 223 Says:


  223. dolphinsr4eva Says:

    ok i cant get onto viikii as well and have the same problem as above…..from what i understand of this error we are all getting its a PhP problem so the website admin have to be the ones to fix this…..i just hope they see it soon and get it working again 🙂

  224. Zilly Says:

    I believe the problem is the show, You’re Beautiful is too popular, and it aired episode 12 last night, which casued about 100,000 people (me included) to go to viikii to watch it. I think viikii was not able to handle the traffic rush and this is what is happening. The subbers were not able to translate ep12 last night because of this problem and I think the ep is finally ready to be watched now, therefore the 100,000 of people is rushing to see it, me included:( I think today is not going to be a good day to access viikii.

  225. YAB_ Says:

    same here…I guess the website crashed again…..i hope it wont be down for long…=0)

  226. dolphinsr4eva Says:

    nah it aint the 1 show cus ive tried all sorts of shows i have bookmarked and every page thats to do wiv viikii at all gives the same error….

    the actual site itself has gone down, now it cud have something to do wiv too many people trying to get on at same time but it aint just happening to just the ‘your beautiful’ channel its all of them and even the tutorial pages etc…

    i just hope its up and running soon cus im so bored now i cant watch eps 11 and 12 of your beautiful

  227. Zilly Says:

    I think this is the perfect time to promote my new channel to you:} Yesterday, I started my first ViiKii channel, Social Networking, a place where you can speak to each other.


    Speaking Organization Communicating In All Languages (SOCIAL). This will be our Social networking channel in ViiKii for anyone interested in learning and improving upon any languages in the world. I need subscribers, volunteers, translators and most importantly users interested in learning or teaching languages to users. If you are interested please visit my channel and recommend it to your family and friends. If you want to learn or improve upon a language, please go to the Social Channel and fill out a user profile for yourself. Thanks!

    P.S. Pomi (France) & I (USA) downloaded the Skype speaking software and we tested it out today, it works!!!! We are going to be Chinese language partners.

  228. amore Says:

    I do not know where to post this … I’ve not been able to make a donation. The page opened isn’t working. Can someone please fix it. Thank you.

    • Zilly Says:

      Anything to do with website issues, you should post to the viikiihelper, that is the administrator for viikii. I will let viikiihelper know about this issue. & thanks for donating because you will make it possible for me and everyone else to be able to see dramas for free. When you have time, please come visit my channel where we can learn languages and speak live to each other:


      You can look above for more details.

  229. Shahira Theressa Demitery Says:

    Hi, i’m Theressa.

    I’m havin’ problems with Viikii.
    I wanted to watch Your Beautiful, but why doesn’t it work?
    I Downloaded Viikii Plug-in but still it doesn’t Work.
    Please Help me Figure this Out.

    Appreciate the Attempt,

  230. Mag Says:

    what happened to Dae Jo Young the episodes from Ep 58 are missing?

  231. carole Says:

    Viikii, when is the best time for me to watch. I can not get through. It just keep on spining. I am getting frustrated. Help!

    • teepea Says:

      i think when the video keeps spinning, you should try refreshing your browser a few times. if that still doesn’t work, then maybe the video link is broken.

  232. Joanna Says:

    Viikii, It is hard to get through. Please help me

  233. babyjae Says:

    hi, i’m wondering if i can download videos from viikii, can u tell me how to download it? thx u so much..^^

  234. thePhineapple Says:

    i would like to thanx to those who’s work really hard to sub n tranlated all the drama..it’s really fun to watch..hehehehehe..i l0ve u guys..keep up the good work to the fullest..

  235. jaime Says:

    hi everyone,
    normally when i watch my dramas, i like them free! but ever since i joined viikii, it’s not that simple. i tried watching my drama~I do? but when i was about to watch, some retarded message came out and said,”during peak time, only viikii members are allowed access.” then i signed up immediately. but after i logged in with my new account that has already been verified, they wrote the most selfish thing ever. its said:” during peak traffic times, video access is limited. only to those who are supporting viikii project by donating to us.” that is so unfair!!!! I cant afford to pay them! and they even stated that their website is free. but now they are only opening them up to people who are able to help them and others who are unable to “help” them, will not be able to view anything!!! I am so angry now that i want to terminate my account. please help me find a way to cancel my account!

    • teepea Says:

      oh wow, jaime from above is really something.
      first of all, viikii is FREE! but it’s better if you donate so they can keep up their good work! donation is not optional but highly recommended.
      and because so many people are using viikii, there are times when you can’t access it. so if you donate, they’ll have money to maybe get a bigger server or something of that sort to allow more people to get in! but after the rush hour is over, which is anywhere from 10-30 minutes (for me), viikii is back to being FREE, as it normally is.

      what they’re doing is not selfish. but from the way your words come out, it seems like you are the one, i’m sorry to say.

      so let’s make it clear that they’re not asking for anyone to PAY them but for a donation to keep their site alive for people like you and me to be able to watch dramas for FREE with subs by hardworking fans and viewers!

      I am a viewer just like you and a drama addict to.
      I’m just letting you know to get your FACTS straight and not let your emotions get to you and ruin it for them.

    • Zilly Says:

      By the way, if you have no money, you can just be a volunteer in helping to segment, translate (sub) or edit videos. If you don’t know how, you can Inbox me or any channel manager, they will very nicely show you once they have time. All members are volunteers, they do not get any pay for their work. This will actually means that your volunteer work is supporting ViiKii and you do not need to donate (it is optional). This volunteer work should stop that peak time issue. If you do not like ViiKii, please feel free to go watch your dramas elsewhere. I don’t think anyone is forcing you to do anything, you have the choice to chose what you do. Hope this helps you to understand ViiKii better. Good luck with your drama viewing.

  236. Plinio Says:

    There are problems with your page today. I am in Venezuela.

  237. Withdrawal Syndrome Says:

    Appreciate what teepea said. However, I am concern, if I would like to make a donation to help defray cost or alleviate some of the burden, how would anybody know if the donation is put into good use?

    Afterall nobody knows who is making the donation or how much the amount is to keep the site active ? Is there any form of accountablibity?

    Sorry I may sound crude, but frankly if anybody would like to contribute, should know how best the donation is spend right?

  238. Kaitlyn Says:

    I’ve been having a problem where the player wont load on the site but I can watch it from other sites such as mysoju. When I try to watch in viikii it says ‘Viikii_Visitor’ undefined. Is anyone having this problem?

  239. LoverNotAHater Says:

    G E N I O U S =)

  240. Sol Says:

    Please fix the video of Loving you a thousand times episodes 20, I really like it. Thanks!!!!

  241. Sol Says:

    Loving you a thousand times is freeze on episode 20. need help. I really like the drama. Thanks!!!!

  242. OkiLoveViikii Says:

    I love viikii but i cant seem to watch any videos this past few days. Is the website down??

  243. Kunrong Says:

    I am totally outraged I found a mexican websit where a person is engaged in copying the dramas that work so other people like you translate for us and use it to their advantage to sell for the amount of 339.00 dollars I would like to find some way to make These people fail to do this here I leave the website can visit you and see how other people who profit from the work of others:

  244. Ammeri Says:

    Good Job here I’am very grateful for your site!!

  245. P. Dao Says:

    I would like to know what happen to “smile, you” drama? I have been watching this since it was posted to your web…and then last night, I could not?

    viikii web is great…

  246. pyol Says:

    Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to watch
    Korean dramas in English.
    I really enjoyed watching them.

    Recently, I have found one of vikii translators put up
    some of vikii’s dramas on a website and discuss about them.

    I think it is OK for them to enjoy vikii but it may be wrong
    to put up dramas on the other website other than vikii itself.
    I was surprised that she mentioned that she was a member of the
    translators here.
    They have got a right to enjoy vikii but not in a different place, I think.

    It may cause jam…
    I hope she will stop doing this.

  247. Miraluna Says:

    why i cant play the autumn’s concerto episode 8/5?, its just keep on turning…

  248. Anna Anh Says:

    Hi ^^!
    Thank u for ur update and sub korean dramas
    Thank u so much, my friends.
    I hope i will be watch more and more ^^
    giving u all of best, just smiles, just happy ^^
    Have a nice day

  249. Smellymon Says:

    cant watch dont hesitate from 31st episode onwards, help!

  250. xsparkage Says:

    I’ve been trying to open viikii website for about 3 days now and it keep on saying “error” what should i do 😦

  251. iknowall Says:

    Yes thank you for viikii but at the moment i’m experiencing some serious problems with the connection and it’s only with Viikii.com.So as i really like this site please don’t let it break cuz at the moment it’s really hard to see any videos what so ever and also frustrating.And i know the subbbers put such a great effort in subbing the dramas:it would be a shame not to be abel to see and appreciate it anymore

  252. CherrySakura Says:

    I can’t post this on the problem forum as the page refuses to load.
    And as I can’t contact any of the staff on Viikii either, this is the only place I can find to post a message.


    I have been trying to watch the subtitled version of You’re Beautiful ( Korean Drama) all day since yesterday. The page keeps saying link not found, I’ve been refreshing the page loads of times, going away and coming back later. Restarting the computer. Joining up to Viikii.net, but still no success. And when a page finally loads, it says “This video has been delelted”

    The video is new since yesterday, “You’re Beautiful Ep15”, can you please tell me if it’s gone for good, or can I still watch it somehow?

    Thank you.

    • Zilly Says:

      You should be able to watch YAB ep15 probably in a day or 2, I hope. Currently, there are too many people (ViiKii traffic rush) trying to get on ViiKii to watch YAB, and ViiKii is unfortunately not equipped to handle 200,000 or more addicted fans of YAB, QSD and other vaious dramas too. Please wait patiently or watch it at another web portal. This is what I know to the best of my knowledge. Good luck. Hope this helps.

  253. Zilly Says:

    By the way everyone, ViiKii is upgrading their system so we can all enjoy our FREE dramas. Please stay off of ViiKii for a week or so for them to do their upgrade. PLEASE do not refresh every few minutes as this is actually causing the system to be slower and delays their work and therefore delays ALL of us from watching our favorite shows:{

  254. Lin Says:

    I want to watch kdrama you are bea.utiful but i cant find it so help me

  255. emem Says:

    I download VikiiDesktopPlugin finish. But I can’t Install because .zip file damage

  256. weena Says:

    i dont know if it just me, but since monday i can no longer access viikii.
    it always say webpage cannot be display.
    can someone help me or explain why?

  257. Julia Says:

    Why I can not play I Love You, Don’t Cry video. It keep running and no picture show.

  258. Mai Says:

    I’m trying to open the video for Momo Love since Monday but it doesn’t want to load. The sign just keeps spinning. I already downloaded the plug-in it was requesting but it still doesn’t want to open. I’m using Windows 7 and my internet browser is Mozilla.

    Please help!!


  259. muriel Says:

    is this plugin compatible with mac?

    • maj Says:

      i was wondering the same thing!!

      has it worked for you? i have a mac and tbh, i am abit confused as to how to make this compatible with mac!!! do u have have any idea?

  260. julie ann Says:

    why is thers no video in autumns concerto?

  261. julie ann Says:

    i want to watch that korean drama,..you chose a good drama pls fixed it,.,.thank you

  262. emperor Says:

    I made viikii ID yesterday. But it doesn’t work.
    So I make another viikii ID again. But it doesn’t work also.
    My ID is “emperor8931” and “vivian8931″…

    What can I do? Please help me…

  263. cute Says:

    why all video have to delete? i try to watch and it said “this video delete”.

  264. Fred2 Says:

    You seem to be having a lot of trouble connecting to You Yube. It has made a serious drop in the continuing quality of your service, Which I think have been excellent, heretofor.

    I contacted you tube and they say that it’d you fault and further incinuated that your trying to get people to use the plug-in to increase your income. Is that correct?

    What ever please try to rectify, if you can. So many of the current popular videos are at a stand still for seemingly like months.

    Thank you


  265. sonne Says:

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    Can someone please help me?
    Thank you

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    I created two accounts on viikii, but I cann’t log in for both.
    For the first account, RaindroP, I cannn’t log in, so I clicked ‘forgot password’ and it said it would sent the password to someone else’s email.
    So, I tried another account. The second acount cann’t be used too. When I logged in, there was a ‘Loading…’ appearing for ages. I tried to change my password, but it didn’t help and I also tried to log in via various browsers.
    Please solved my problem!!
    I want to be a viikii member and sub your vids!!!
    P.S. If anyone has an idea how to solve this problem, please email me at raindrop_szs@hotmail.com.

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    I am fond of watching Korean drama. That was since Lovers in Paris. The problem is loading and uploading of new episodes take time. Is membership with viikii help? Thanks.

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    after that, i register new account but it showed UNKNOWN ERROR.

    what can i do?

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    please help me, too

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    ومجهود جباررر
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    Je suis une fan de drama et j’espère pouvoir suivre le drama “creating destiny” jusqu’au bout. Je vous remercie pour le temps que vous consacrez à traduire ce drama et d’autres en français. Mon adresse mail est la suivante: nainechocolatee@hotmail.fr, si vous pouviez me poster la suite de ce drama je vous en serez très reconnaissante. Merci encore pour votre aide et pour nous permettre de connaître de si bons dramas.

    Aja Aja fighting !!! J’espère que vos soucis se règleront rapidement.


  275. garden gal Says:

    Thank you very much very much for all your hard work. i have done some translating in a classroom setting, so i know full well how difficult it is. one must not only translate the words, but the feelings/ intentions of the speaker. by doing this, the full meaning is then realized by the viewers. i also realize it takes some funding to operate, however, i myself am in a tight financial spot. i am very sorry that i cannot afford to begin to donate anything. if it is possible, i would like to at least give back by doing some translating for you. i can view the Japanese shows and understand most of it, so if it is possible, i would like to help out that way. thank you.

  276. Jen Says:

    Much the same thoughts are in my mind. What’s in my heart is deep appreciation for the wider perspective I have from living this viikii ideal.

    I have heart ties to the Asian Continent, given me with love; so, these stirring messages vibrate along heartstrings.

    Thank you, I really appreciate the translation of the Historical Drama, Queen Seon Deok.

  277. Delicia La Mott Says:

    How can I watch Loving You A Thousand Times episode 26 and 27?

  278. vanessa Says:

    do you pay for the use of viikii?? cause if you do them im dead!!!…

    • dreamiies Says:

      I don’t think so, and shouldn’t. I’ve been using viikii, and um yea you don’t need to pay for anything.

  279. BParksman Says:

    Thank you so much for your efforts at translation and making videos available to all — especially “The Great King Sejong.” I watched it when it aired in USA on KBS and have been dying to watch it again. Not only is it so much better written and acted than anything coming out of Hollywood — I love observing the historical and cultural factors the shows teach me. You truly are doing practical work to cross cultural and language barriers in our world (which is so necessary).

    I really hope the copyright issue is resolved, so I can share your work with more of my friends and family.

    Thanks again.

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    I like family’s honor but it’s so frustrating not able to load some of the episodes. But I must still thank you guys cause I did manage to watch some of the episodes. Hope you can fix the problem. Thanks….

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    Thanks a lot for the great job!!!
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    I love this site GO ON VIIKII
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    Thank you so much viikiies …i luv korean dramas..and right now im hooked to assorted gems and creating..dont hesitate..Unfortunately i cannot help to translate so i give donation inviikii monthly as my way of gratitude to you guys…But right now english sub was on hold for us to watch. and i read that if ever it will be ok then it will be only in the US and canada …how about europe as i am residing here..Please do something about it. Many thanks..

  287. Mimi1202 Says:

    I would like to know about Creating Destiny as well.

  288. Belanis Says:

    I have the same problem “licensing … certified translator”, can anyone help us??? Please.

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    Thank you so much for creating Viikii ! I’m french and I love Korea !
    I am very happy to help with my translations ! It’s very good to share your passion with people from many countries.
    Love you !!!

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    someone can explainme please.

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    when is the licensing of creating destiny be completed in the Philippines? I can’t wait to finish it off. And thank you very much for your subbing, it’s really fast especially in “don’t hesitate”drama, I really like it. Why can’t I find the “first wives club” drama? please help me see it. thank you again. More power!!!

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    It’s so cool, thank for your post

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    i have the same problem of some users,, what mean “translator in your area” if someone could tell me i would be grateful =)

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      i have a same problem. “translator” only so i can’t wach a lot of drama.can anyone tell me how? please please plzzzzz help me.

  297. gonfreaksandi Says:

    please give license to the great king sejong

  298. theresa Says:

    Credits go to the entire team, from the writer, producers & team, & the actors/actresses.
    Great story, great generation acceptance between great grandpa & Dong Dong – (most hilarious actors) and traditions NOT ALLOWED TO BE DISMISSED (even in this modern day). Love Dong Dong’s father’s acting too!!!
    Keep up with this style of themes/stories.

  299. aya-chan Says:

    thanks for the viikii team’s hard work!! i’m truly grateful as i as well as the others can enjoy watching different dramas from around the world.. fighting!!

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    Thanks a lot

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    Courage à tout le monde!!

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    i will try to help.

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    hi everybodey and thnx for this amazing site i like it and keep watching it but there is aproblem there… some channals i can’t play it’s video due to translators in my area and i don’t know how to deal with it lool realy it’s desturbing an noisy too lol

    can any body tell me how can i come over it plz?

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    Hello ViiKii!
    Thanks to the KDrama, “Will it Snow at Christmas”, I found your ViiKii website! Being in the States, couldn’t wait for the local airing and upon internet search, found your Site to view subtitled version of this AWESOME (starring Goe-Soo) Drama!!!!!!

    I’ve been sharing your site with friends and family- as I’m a homeschooling mother/spouse tutoring Korean to adotees while ESL tutoring to Foreign Students.

    I’ve taught myself to utilize Kdrama/Kmovies to better my Korean.

    How can I be a Korean-English subber for ViiKii???

  312. Jennifer Says:


    I’ve been watching Smile, You for the past few weeks and for some reason it won’t start playying now. It loads (with the blue Viikkii text circling in the middle) but that’s about it. I’ve tried updating my browser and it still doesn’t work. I’ve also tried viewing other dramas and the same thing happens. I have however I watching it on a different computer and it plays fine. Can someone please help me.

    Thank you!

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    Hi guys! I would like to to participate in translating videos…(>______<)
    how can i be a certified translator ?
    I'm Spanish and i can speak English, some JApanese and some French!
    And a little bit of Korean!
    THANKS!! ^^

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    Hello. I noticed that you guys don’t have my language on the list so the next closest to my language was Lao. Anyway, I wanted to thank the subbers for their wonderful work. I’m so excited to see the remaining ep of Chuno with eng sub. Any idea when this will be completed?? Can’t wait!!!

    • Beccah Says:

      I’m not currently watching Chuno but it is a new drama and is currently airing in South Korea. It is airing on Wednesday and Thursday nights around 10 p.m. I would guess that they’re around episode 8 now. It generally takes a week or less to get them uploaded, segmented and subbed, depending on the size of the team. Keep in mind that these are time consuming tasks and the people doing them are doing it in their spare time after work, school, etc. Viikii is awesome, continue enjoying!

  316. Beccah Says:

    I Love Viikii! I’m a long time viewer and recently started helping out with editing and a little subbing (my Korean’s not all that great). Viikii is a phenomenal place to go to watch a variety of dramas, videos, etc. from many countries. SaySay, you’re a Viikii legend I do think!

  317. bahakahm Says:

    Hello. I have videos of the film THE STREET KING (1999) or The Boss. Can you translate for me and up on the website. That is the most wonderful film.
    Some pics: http://dienanh.net/forums/mbc-1999-the-street-king-ng-trum-cha-in-pyo-song-yun-ah-kim-nam-joo-huh-joon-hoh-t59935.html?s=822a9a8a6e026748e6830f3d846b18b1&amp;

    Thanks a lot

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    thanks a lot for all your hard work.i’m french and thanks to the team i can follow korean dramas : i can appreaciate and discover a part of asian culture even if i don’t know korean language.

  319. sign spinners Says:

    Interesting idea. I’m Chinese and I took German and well obviously I know English since I’m writing in it.

  320. alice Says:

    I am really enjoying alot of the korean and taiwanese drama in vikii. Thanks you very much for all the hard works to all who give so much of your spare time to subs those drama. May I know the current situations of Assorted Gems and Pasta as I started watching it before here but can’t anymore. Once again big big thanks!!!!

  321. yesse Says:

    Bueno, gracias por todos los momentos alegres que paso aqui, a aquellos que no vemos pero estan ahi….GRACIAS….bueno a todos, desde quien creo VIIKII, hasta las manos que le dieron el alimento hoy…..Gracias a los traductores…sin ustedes nada de esto seria posible….

  322. Sue Says:


    I sent an URGENT question about applying as
    translator for Viikii to your email viikii.support@gmail.com.

    But I am not getting any reply for a long time..

    Please could you reply to my e-mail enquery ASAP ?
    Thank you.

    • zinnias8 Says:

      If you’re interested in working on a project, go to the project and send a message to the Channel Manager or Moderator.

      Spend time reading and watching the Viikii tutorials to learn how to work on the projects. (How to input subtitles)

      Hope that helps.

  323. girly2007 Says:

    I would also like to sub dramas. so do I have the permission?

    • zinnias8 Says:

      It depends on the drama. Go to the channel and read the directions.

      If you still have questions, send a private message to the channel Manager or Moderator.

  324. girly2007 Says:

    I want to watch the drama ‘The woman who still wants to marry’ but it doesn’t seem to work. so what should I do to watch it??? please help me.

  325. bisounenlover Says:

    Let’s watch the meteor shower together is a chinese drama on your website yet there is not a single video that will start. I tried his from 3 computers so far. The videos might be broken.

    • zinnias8 Says:

      I’m really surprised why people use this blog to ask for help with specific dramas.

      The people directly responsible are the Channel Manager, Moderators and Uploaders. Go to the channel and send messages to them directly.


      Lately, there have been issues loading videos from certain sources, so that may be a potential reason.

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    My name is Erica Neith and just want to let You know that is a Great idea & that I will Love to Share the Dream with You…Thank You for Your work…Can I join You & help?

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!!, best Regards from Hermosillo, Son., Mex.

    Erica Neith

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    Hi there,

    I recently stumbled into Viikii and I love it!

    Thank you for the translation and uploading.

    I have a question: –

    I couldn’t seem to be able to load Family’s Honor (Glory of the Family) from episode 48 onwards. I can see the videos are being uploaded, but they keep loading and do not play.

    Will you be able to fix it?


  337. puteri Says:

    hey i hv crazy fan for viiki past 2 years…..i never had prob watching any of the dramas. but today suddenlt they asked me to redownload my plugin….so i did. the viikii logo keep on encircling…for matter of fact many regular users hv same prob. i hv brought the inssue at viiki help…. but may peopla are busy. plz tell me what is going on…….tq!!!!

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    I’ll like to be a certified translator but I dont know how to contact viikii to be one. Can anyone help me, please?

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    Thank You and More………… POWER GOD BLESS


  341. elsie Says:

    does anyone know what is the best time to go on Viikii? It seems like lately, I’ve been getting the Youtube sourced video problem message all the time while 2 weeks ago, it would only be a few times. i live in the eastern standard time zone in the US. I’m a bit hesitant to down the desktop plugin since I need my laptop to do some major projects for the next 2 weeks and don’t want to mess with it.

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    Fine work, hope to hear more from you.Are you working in a Group that you can make such a good Blog?

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    I admire all the Subbers, Segmenters and Uploaders, who donate their time to help out those who can’t understand the different languages so that we can enjoy all the different dramas in this site. Theses people bring the different nationalities closer together.To catch a glimpse of the diffrent cultures of the world. Thanks to ViiKii website for bringing us great dramas.I hope that one day we can watch all the dramas with english subs. Thankyou again everyone who makes these at all possible.

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    the ccea videos you have put out its just to 7.5 :(( and it would be really really nice of you to put the rest of the videos with eng sub :)))

  346. Liz Russon Says:

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    Please and thanks

    • Beccah Says:

      Many videos on viikii require a plugin by Adobe (same company that does adobe acrobat) to view them now. viikii has gotten hugely popular and I think that is some of the problem. I would download the adobe air plugin. That should help rectify the problem.

      Also, they are now getting permission from the copyright holders for the newer dramas. When this happens, it means that only certain people can access them for a while. Those people are people like the managers, moderators, segmenters, translator/subbers. The 6 week or so hold is required by the copyright holder.

    • Beccah Says:

      I just noticed that they have a link to the adobe air plugin at the top right hand side of this page.

  350. Beccah Says:

    Many videos on viikii require a plugin by Adobe (same company that does adobe acrobat) to view them now. viikii has gotten hugely popular and I think that is some of the problem. I would download the adobe air plugin. That should help rectify the problem.

    Also, they are now getting permission from the copyright holders for the newer dramas. When this happens, it means that only certain people can access them for a while. Those people are people like the managers, moderators, segmenters, translator/subbers. The 6 week or so hold is required by the copyright holder.

  351. rojost Says:

    Hi there,
    How come don’t hesitate episode 97 and 98 are the same.
    thank you.

  352. aggeliki Says:

    thank you all for your hard work! I’m really happy to be able to see my favourite Korean dramas here at ViiKii. Awesome job!!!!

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    I like viikii very much, since I watch lots of k-dramas here.

    But, I have realised that sometimes site is very slow or overloaded.
    I have some programming experience in php and mainly C,C++.
    Is there any way I can meet Viikii devlopers so that I can contribute a little from my side ?
    Cheers !!!

  354. freakcandobetter Says:

    i was wondering what happened to in love with a rich girl? all e websites i tried, the vids are removed. anyone knows what happened to it and if its possible any other websites that still have this vid??


  355. Trang Ngo Says:


    I am doing a project on Cloud computing with the application for YouTube.

    I can see that there is sometimes access problems with YouTube-sourced. However, I have installed the ViiKii plug-in and get away with it.

    I would like to know more about how the plug-in actually solve the problem and how stable it is from your experience if possible.

    By the way, thanks loads for making this project a reality. I admire your work!

    Trang Ngo

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    I was wondering, the drama A Good Day for A Wind to Blow has been saying license pending and I am unable to view the videos, however other members say they don’t see that message and are able to view the videos. Why is that?

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    How can I watch korean drama A Good Day For The Wind To Blow if they still license pending. Ilike this drama, but I felt sad for this. I hope you teach me how to become a Qualified Contributor?. Thank You Very Much.

  368. clemencerose Says:

    Bonjour ViiKii. Merci infiniment pour votre travail formidable , et je suis très désolée de ne pas pouvoir vous aider parce que je ne connais pas grande chose d’informatique . Je vous écris parce que depuis quelques jours je ne pouvais pas regarder les films comme l’habitude , puisque le ronde de ViiKii ne s’arrête pas de tourner . Je ne sais à quel saint il faut vouer alors je me suis dit à ViiKii ,voyons voir. Dites moi s’il faut que je doive payer une participation quelconque ? En tout cas depuis que l’on as le problème pour regarder certain film déjà je voulais poser la question si cela peut vous aider dans votre travail. Encore et encore un grand MERCI pour tous et toutes ceux et celles qui ont fait un travail formidable ,grâce à quoi j’ai passé des merveilles moments . Merci d’avance pour votre gentil réponse.

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    How can I watch viikii video on iphone? kindly advise.
    Thank you very much,

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    hey can someone tell me y can’t i watch chuno it always say translator only in your area but i dunno wats dat mean if there is anyone plzzzzzzzz help me coz i wanna watch dat relly badly

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    hey guys,I’m from france, I’ve been using viikii since a long time but it’s been 4 days that I can’t. I am trying to use viikii ,,, but the videos don’t work for me,,,none of them are working for me,,, the video comes on and the viikii logo keeps on rotating,,,,and there is no movie, i have fast internet, and a new laptop,,,,,so i dun understand the problem. I downloaded the adobe air plugin.
    Can someone please give me some directions,…or someone to contact,,,,,i can’t even access the tutorials,,, 😦
    Please help me please.

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    Hi. I was wondering…how do I become a “qualified translator” ?? its pretty clear now that in order to watch dramas on viikii you need to help out and I’ve already done some translating for a chinese programme but i’d like to watch a korean one. is that possible?

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    hi guys how come i can watch some videos while i cannot on others? just about 4 days ago i was watching “dont hesitate” but now i cannot view it… is there something with it? same case with I love you a thousand times…i wish you could help me on this…thank you!

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    I have something to say I really like Viikii and I use it all the time the only problem is, well is that for the past few days none of the videos show up and my plug-in is on but the screen just doesn’t show any picture it just loads for hours and my wireless is not that slow. So can you please sort out the problem so that I can go ahead and well you know translate and segment for some people. Thank you for your consideration.

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    hello guysss. i really love chuno.. but i cant watch it on viikii.. anyway anyone can email me the subs from episode 16 onwards =(.. would really appreciate it

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    Hi! I’m watching down with love and I’m having problems with the part 7 of chapter 2. I installed the plug in but the video never starts, the logo keeps rotating and nothing happens. I watched the previous parts of the chapter without the plug in and it worked fine, but when I reached the 7th part it required the plugin. With or without plugin it just doen’t work. Am I doing something weong? Thanks!

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    can u mail subtitle for episode 19 and 20 for the drama PASTA

  379. JHarr Says:

    is anyone else having this issues.. every time I go to the Viikii homepage its really slow or it doesn’t load. If it does when I click on whatever channel the videos nor the channels page loads so I cant watch again at all. Is this somehow connected to the Plugin Issue… Please Help!! Im becoming drama deprived!!

    • JHARR Says:

      Im also unable to download the plug-in as well the download page keeps timing out.. and Ive tried it on many different browsers

  380. Vivi Says:

    I have the same issue like JHarr. All videos of every drama cannot be loaded. This happens for four or five days already. Does that problem come from the homepage Viikii? Please help!! I’ve been waiting for so long!!!
    Thanks so much!

  381. Sen Says:

    I’m also having problems with many things not viewing. And now a LOT of vidoes are showing “license not approved” or “translator in your area” messages and won’t load a video box at all. What’s going on? Is viikii not going to be working anymore?

  382. Lolote Says:

    Hi, today i can’t loggin in viikii. i entered my name and my passeword but it keeps sayin me: “unknown error”. the function “forget your passeword” doesn’t seem to work but i’m pretty sure it’s the correct passeword. Please, tell me what can i do.’ i don’t want to sign up again cos’ i’m a qualified contributor. Thanks in advanced and excuse my poor english

  383. movienut434 Says:

    Oh My Lady’s videos disappeared. I waited till 5pm like I’m supposed to so that the segmenters and subbers can work but now I don’t see anything. Is something wrong? Thank you.

  384. Edward Says:

    On the signup page I can answer all the questions but the signup button is not working for me in Linux Firefox. Before a week or two ago had same problem with Windows Firefox and IE.

    • Edward Says:

      Problem with signin for Viikii website is that it needs 2 languages and won’t accept the same one twice. Before I left the second language blank. This was the reason my application couldn’t be completed. I was able to sign on today.

  385. Maria Says:

    I want to thanks everyone whom one way or the other contribute in making the Asian dramas possible to foreigners to watch. I just started to enjoy these wonderful dramas and is going to take a looooog time to be up to date with them. Thanks everyone, you have a beautiful heart.

  386. spyware removal new york Says:

    My Mom recommended this blog and she was totally right! Keep up the terrific work!

  387. Noble Title Says:

    Well written post. Will there be a follow up sometime soon?

  388. Russia Says:

    Hey very nice blog!! Man .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

  389. puteri Says:

    hey i am e member of viikii user for years….suddednlyly today whenever i wanna watch anymovie…..all is blanl. i cant even login……… i saw the notice abt the reinstall viikii and all, when i click the page its blannk, except the siter adverts….i dunno whr to post ple halp me…..i love ur channel too much too give give!!! pls pls msg me!!

  390. piecito08 Says:

    wow you are right thanks for the Viikii project, I also believe that experience different cultures through their programs, music, etc. is closer to the people, is better understood.

    n_n thanks for the effort

  391. saranheyo Says:

    Hii, guys, I love VIIKII so much, i am addicted in korean drama since i was 12 lol now i am 17 hahaha so it has been 5 years. i am not Korean and my english is not good. i can’t be translator so i want to be a segmenter or something… i really want to do something.. how can I become the segmenter or somebody who don’t have to translate???
    Thank you guys.
    You guys are awesome!!!
    I believe that so many people, who are from all different countries, love and support you guys!!
    again THANK YOUUUU

  392. AnzellicDevil103 Says:

    Hey! I really love viikii! And I have contributed to it by translating from english to Indonesian language. Can u tell me how to become certified contributor?

  393. tasha Says:

    thanks viikii, for posting a korean drama. i wacthing obstetric and gynconology but blank video . hope u repair the video

  394. tasha Says:

    hi toviikii, thanks for posting the video. please repair the korean drama obstetrician n gynecology…

  395. alicia Says:

    feel upset that unable to watch some of the drama/movie with engsub “translator under your territory only”. anybody can assist. how can i watch it ?

  396. toasty Says:

    I am upset that I cannot watch Dong Yi in E until May when they are done for epi 5, etc. Why when I thought you provided early access?

  397. disturbia Says:

    hi everyone..how r u all ??
    i’d like 2 join ..and help in translation ..
    but i don’t know how ..??!!!

    accept me as a friend ..

    see ya..

  398. dorothy Says:

    hi. i am wondering why i cannot install the desktop and adobe. i followed the direction and still, nothing. please help

  399. mikehegirl Says:


    I’m french. I was a qualified translator but one day, my statut and number of translation diseppeared.
    What is the problem? It is a bug or have I done something bad?

    Thank you for your response

  400. mayumi Says:

    hii !! gracias por todo los que nos brindan!! si este programa no podria ver mis adoradas novelas coreanas !!! muchas gracias!!!

  401. SJoseph Says:

    Hi Viikii team,

    Wish cud contribute, but am unemployed, Sure have a great team there.

    Dont know any chinese or korea or japanese to help with the translations. Only good at English.

    But you guys rock. seriously great team work.

  402. John Says:

    If anyone on Viikii wants to use my free Korean dictionary, go to http://www.koreandictionary.net/

    Over 3,900 words, translations, and pronunciations are there, and more added daily.

    I am a Korean translator and I try to put the most accurate information on the web.

    Viikii, would you like to link my site as a reference for Korean translators?

  403. fallon Says:

    hi guys whats up, you guys are great you know that, making it posible for asian loving sister’s like me get some entertainment, I love you all and thanks a trillion

  404. Belkis Says:


  405. Jywoi Says:

    I can’t seem to access Viikii anymore, worked fine this morning? Is it only me??

  406. nuki Says:

    I can’t access to viikii and it shows:

    Licensing agreement not completed yet in your territory.
    If you want video access to participate in translating this video,
    please contact ViiKii – how to be a certified translator

    how to solve this problem..???T_T

  407. ichigo123 Says:

    i am new to this site and i love it!!!!! i have a question are there any kdramas that have a couple that are african-american? that would be something to see. what a true culture clash!!!

  408. Sunshine Says:

    please fix the episodes 14 to 16 of, THE WORLDS WITHIN/THE WORLD THAT THEY LIVE IN… i have been sourcing our other sites to view this…please have it available soonest. Thanks.

  409. toone Says:

    je voudrait l’adresse de manuella merci

  410. Princess Says:

    Viikii seems to have a problem today =( i can’t seem to go into the channels and watch the shows

  411. shierly22 Says:

    I too am having problems with Viikii tonight…… Hope everything will be fine soon…….
    A day without Viikii is like hell for me…………
    Praying that everything will be sorted out…..
    Thanks to Viikii……….

  412. anne-laure Says:

    actually, i have a problem with viikii because when i want to look the site, i see that : “Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/app/controllers/pages_controller.php:21) in /home/dev.viikii.net/docs/cake/libs/session.php on line 154”

    but it’s just today because before no.

    (sorry for my english)

    can you help me?


  413. Ai nhan Says:

    Hey guys, if u need any help translating just tell me but u have to tell me how to translate it cause i really dont know but i would be more then happy to help.

  414. Thankful Girl Says:

    This website is one of the best I’ve found. and yes, like life, there are things that make me frustrated. But in the big picture, EVERYONE who works on these channels, whether it’s big or small, has my utmost respect. I couldn’t do it. I wanted to thank everyone for their hard work translating, segmenting etc., but I don’t want to slow any channels down, so I hope this heart felt thanks makes it to the people who work hard!! You guys rock my world!!

    Keep up all your hard work!
    thank you so much!!

  415. Michelle Says:

    I have been watching Viikii videos for a long time, but just recently, everytime that I tried to it would just pop up :


    what does that mean?

    and why did that just started happening?

    how do i fix it?
    does that mean i wont be able to watch ANY Viikii videos from now on??

    Thank you!
    Please let me know!

  416. dhan Says:

    i want to say thanks to you, because of you i can watch prosecutor princess that’s a good film i hope you’ll continue sub that drama, i don’t know how to repay to you but i just can say thanks 😀

  417. sushi Says:

    how to download the video with the subtitles?
    I’ve tried a few times but i couldn’t download the titles…or is it that we cannot download it

  418. joy2dworld Says:

    Thank you very much for all contributor of Viikii. Thanks for all the hard work and keep it up. You always make your viewer fall inlove over and ,over. Thanks also for the subbers you work hard for it. Without your help in translation we wouldn’t understand it.

    Thanks once again and God Bless you all.


    Kamsamida to you all.

  419. finance Says:

    Viikii good luck and hopefully become a great networking site in the future

  420. sieblminoholic Says:

    i’m xox happy i found this site!! thanx so much viikii!!
    and all the translator… XD

  421. szal Says:

    i can’t seem to download the desktop plugin!

  422. mjl Says:

    I not really sure how I became a fan of korean novelas- maybe because of BOF which was aired here in our country and I enjoyed viewing. After I got over it however I’ve been viewing this new series Personal Taste and again became very excited to think I have something to look forward to. The story becomes deeper and deeper and I’m very anxious of what’s next and next and next—I don’t like this last episode eeeeeoooowww! but I know it’s necessary for the story. Since this drama has newly started I know the next viewing will be next week- am I right?- for the meantime I will hold my breath for the next episodes. Thank you VIIKII!!!!! great job you guys!!!!!

  423. chai Says:

    hai i love watching korean dramas or movies…i think it start at full house…thankz for uploading new series..

    i have a question hope u can rply…

    Joo Ji-Hoon and Yoon Eun-Hye — a real couple?
    lee min ho and goo hye sun — a real couple or not?

  424. Pablo Says:

    I live in the uk and it seems i can’t watch any of the new dramas on viikkii like the birth of the rich. There seem to be some sort of restriction. How do i watch these videos? Its so frustrating when they are there but cant be watched.

  425. TH Says:

    is it possible, to download all korean dramas with full english subtitle?? ‘coz i like to watch some dramas again and again, but i don’t have enough patience to wait for the online. i often watch online drama through mysoju.com, and i like english sub title made by viikii.net very much comparing all the other sub title made by other web site. i’m waiting for your info telling me how to download dramas to my computer, thank you. keep up the good works VIIKII teams

  426. Farwa Says:

    i’m trying to install the plug in but i don’t know why i can’t click yes after it says install now =((
    but btw viikii is awesome!!! =D

  427. Ashe Says:

    Hello, this a new member, Ashe! I am very intrigued by what you are accomplishing and I can see the site is headed for great things. I’m a burgeoning International Media grad student, and I wanted to know if there is a way to get involved with the site or its staff?

  428. angel lee Says:

    annyeong. i had may viikii desktop plugin but it didn’t work so i install the plugin again because the air file is damage . is anyone here can help me about this.. plss.. Need ur help guys.. (*0_0*)

  429. angel lee Says:

    annyeong. i had may viikii desktop plugin but it didn’t work so i install the plugin again because the air file is damage . is anyone here can help me about this.. plss.. Need ur help guys.. (*0_0*) pls tnx alot

  430. Kaitlin Says:

    I love this website because I can finally watch dramas and understand them!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 🙂 :]

  431. Kaitlin Says:


  432. mjl Says:

    great job guys!!!! after several days of reviewing the 8 episodes of Personal Taste, the long wait is here again. haha! Viikii group – you are really great. I’m very much excited to view episode 9—but i will save it for later wherein I can concentrate by myself-( when everybody’s asleep). I really enjoy watching this comedy love story intertwined with a bit of light drama. Great casting too. Thank you Viikii group-thank you for your efforts and the time you spend to update us all with our favorite dramas as soon as you can. For translating this foreign language and make us understand. Most of all- thank you for making my week…… You are a terrific group…. what more can I say?…..you’re just great guys!!! Till next week!!!!

  433. Michale Loveless Says:

    Really enjoy the post. Hope plus size swimdress website may guide someone there.

  434. Abigail Says:

    How can I watch lady castle a.k.a. my fair lady

  435. timbawa Says:

    Hi, I’m an addicted fan of viikii, I’m very appreciate for the hard work of the drama teams so that’s why I donated whole year to contribute to the site. But for the past few day I can’t watch any new drama or new episode because I had a problem with the plugin desktop since I visisted youkou site. I tried so many ways to uninstall and install the plugin but it doesn’t work. I just feel very disappointed when I post so many comments of my issue but it seems like nobody giving any care to my problem and also a lot of people have the same problem like me on your site.

  436. romania Says:

    hy please good people from viikii it has passed 1 month since i can’t see any videos on viikii, i ve instaled a doezn of times the plugin with no succes. pls tell me is there a way t watch viikii please tell me send an email on kos2188@yahoo.com thankyou

  437. the poor people from the rest of the world Says:

    i think they will turn like veoh, and just ban the 90% of this planet thats why your videos don’t work cuz you are from banned countries (of cource vikki will not say anything so the single solution proxy servers etc) poor think that you have banned all the eastern countries(its not an acctual ban but an exclusivity 4 the elite countries – usa uk korea etc, so if there are too amny viewers tht viiki ddesktop plugin will popup. 😦 sad viikii sad….

  438. jeremyah Says:

    hy i am from poland and i cant see any videos on viikii ? whats hapening? have you banned us?

  439. mjl Says:

    what happened ? why can’t i load recent videos for two days???? any problem viikii? Pls advise so that we will understand and not get disapppointed. C’mon guys! I have big trust in you….

  440. edward Says:

    no comments from viikii its a sad think at leaast you can admit your huge problems and tell us about them. your Silenzio Stampa (search on google any soccer fan knows about it :D) its trully disrespectfull.

  441. Doina Says:

    viikii,va rog frumos,traduce-ti serialele coreene si in limba romana!sunt foarte incantata de munca pe care o face-ti si va multumesc din suflet!va doresc toate cele bune,cu respect Doina

  442. olgun Says:

    doina tu poti sa vezi filmele de pe viikii pls zimi ? english translation : doina can you see viikii videos tkx, and about subtitles if other romanian subber join they can release this subs for vids you can help too.

  443. stephanie Says:

    hey my name is stephanie i love viikii is like a drug to me.i want to help out on the translaction i speack french i pretty sure that i can do it

  444. datiie Says:

    hi :)) i’m a newbie here. and i want to help, coz i am hoping for the EP 13 of Oh! My Lady :)) hihi ^^ if there’s somethin i could just do .. haha ;DD thanks ^^

  445. gel4128128 Says:

    how come i can’t watch ep 5 of prosecutor princess?

  446. Stephanie Danielle Says:

    I think you definitely set up a very good, easy to use portal to facilitate globalisation. it is whether people would be willing to watch em or not.

  447. Haruka Says:

    Im really glad i met viikii while browsing for drama’s with subs… thanks to viikii and all its subbers now im startin to take mandarin classes… im so intrigued with the sound of Mandarin, Japanese and Korean… too bad they dont have the others here.. was lucky to find Mandarin after lookin for almost a year here on d island…

    i luve your idea and viikii’s story!

    Thank you!!!

  448. ayei Says:

    i was not able to watch MY QUEEN episode 12-16 and 18-21, so me i request to download it to Yahoo instead in Viikii. thank you so much

  449. mkkess Says:

    why do I end up watching these repetitive-advertisements only to have the spinning-Viikii-logo play -instead of the program? I have the Viikii Plug-In running in the current window. It is very rare when I can view a program. If I can’t view the program-then it is very frustrating to force me to watch the advertisement. Does Viikii really need to show them SO MUCH? Do donators receive viewing privileges beyond that of a registered user? SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY-THANKS-mkkess

  450. olgun Says:

    sorry man it’s a taboo they are not going to tell you the truth ! and for the last time if someone from viikii at leat reads … i and a lot of people can’t watch not even a single video on viikii why? i have all the plugins etc etc

  451. rav Says:

    Does anyone watch viikii drama on Ipad? Just wonder if it works, I will buy one.

  452. rogers Says:

    well I just joined, and it works fine for me, I use the latest version of firefox with the plugin adblock plus, so no advertisement for me, and in the progress bar I just drag it to the first second and works like a charm

  453. bea Says:

    i can’t download vikii plugin to my laptop.. help me plz…. i can’t continue watching my fav. drama… help me.. tnx

  454. 12lk Says:

    paano po ako makaka nood ng cinderella sister?

  455. 12lk Says:

    how come i can’t watch all episode of cinderella sister?

  456. mariaester88 Says:

    Hi! I’m new at viikii and I subscribed to it as the means to watch Personal Preference on mysoju. Then it looked like a good site to see other dramas here too.

    The first time I opened viikii, I was able to watch the current episodes of Personal Preference – and I would say you are fast! So I was getting excited to make viikii as my site to watch new kdramas. However, this second time, I seem not to able to access the episodes. I try to sign in, but even that won’t work. What should I do?

  457. monica Says:

    um the website dont work

  458. enny Says:

    Can anyone tell me how to join discussion in films?

  459. eye Says:


  460. eye Says:


  461. Tessa Says:

    Thank you very very much for the uploads..You really make my day! I may not be able to contribute as much as many of you..but I deeply appreciate the works of the volunteers,segmenters,translators..whatever you call it..Thank you soo much! I hope you continue uploading upcoming dramas that will make us watchers very happy..

    More Power!

  462. cy2379 Says:

    Can you help me on how can i install the desktop plug-in. Every time I install it always show this error 2032. Thanks!!!

    • Isha Says:

      I have the same problem!..i dont know what it means 😦
      i wish they would fix it

      • tammy Says:

        I have the same issue too! I’ve been trying forever, and now it’s sad that I can’t watch viikii videos. 😥

    • Cindy Says:

      Omg I have the same error, I had version 3 and then I try to uninstall to reinstall but the error always pops up and told me to try again and I couldnt watch the videos. Now that there is version 4 some vids work and some require the Plugin but the same error #2032 pops up.

  463. crazy4drama Says:

    can somebody tell me how 2 install viikii desktop plug-in. Whenever i agree to download it it just says its on air then NOTHING happens. HELP!!!!!

  464. Moi Says:


  465. lvjhj Says:

    Hi Viikii,
    I can’t get to Viikii site properly lately. Ketp getting message ” Stack overflow at line :0 ” and no images will show up on Viikii site.
    What can I do? Please help!

  466. FLORENCE Says:

    How do I join Viikii member to watch drama during peak hour and do I have to pay any fees?

  467. FLORENCE Says:

    How do I join Viikii membership to watch the drama and do I have to pay
    any fees?

  468. mariben valdez Says:

    i cant watch my favorite dramas because of viikii net can,t u change it

  469. Carpe Says:

    I can’t download viikii desktop plugin!!! when i click “yes” to install, it says “download error has occurred”. retry doesn’t work either. is there something on my computer that’s preventing the download?? hellllppp

  470. fia Says:

    amazing work you guys wish i knew a language so i could help you guys out.. sigh..the work you guys do is simply great keep it up!!!

  471. jm Says:

    been trying to catch up with personal taste but it seems that none of them are working i’ve installed and uninstalled the program but nothing!!!!! i really hope its just a system issue so i can see them by monday

  472. yuni Says:

    I like to watch drama, especially kdrama. now i am watching personal taste.
    i have installed viiki plug in, but it did not work. i am wondering if somebody could help me with this problem. oh by the way, i am using mac.


  473. myfairlady Says:

    Hi every body.I love this site too much. But I don’t unerstand what mean “translator only in your area? …

    Thank you to teamwork in ViiKii

  474. V Says:

    how do i close my acct?

  475. KDramaHolic46 Says:

    Love this site so much..
    I’m glad can join it.. ^^
    hope u all can accept me.. ^,^

  476. Ruiloba Says:

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  477. nott242287 Says:

    i like all this site

    now i can’t watch serie

    i don’t know how i can watch let me know

  478. blossomhill Says:

    hi there!
    can you help me please because I’m having a hard time
    Do you know how can I watch viikii videos from my ipod touch.
    please help me, thanks

  479. SHshi Says:

    How do i become a translator on viikii?

  480. ita auri Says:

    its great,,,i like this,,,,

  481. ayumu Says:


  482. Melissa Meszko Says:

    I can’t get anything to load and play and I have reinstalled Vicki desktop plugin. Can you help me. I support your site and would hate to have to stop donating because of this. Can you help? Is this a common problem for everyone? Thanks, Melissa

  483. Jeanie Says:

    i try to download the plugin but it keeps telling the file is damage, does anyone know how to fix it?

  484. andrea Says:

    hola a todos…gracias por colocar el drama de cinderella’s sister es muy bueno…y gracias muchisima gracias por los subtitulos….
    ya me vi los episodios del 1 al 16, pero los demas no los encuentro por ningun lado…o es q todavia no han salido las aire los capitulos 17, 18, 19 y 20…hayyy plisss diganme un sitio…¿.o ustedes los van a subir?…..porque en realidad el sitio q mas me gusta es este y tiene muy buena organizacion…..respondanme plis?

  485. serenasf95 Says:

    would anyone like to help sub/segment http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/TheMysteriesofLove# ?
    this drama airs tmr so i will need all the help i can get!! really appreciate the effort! GOTTA SPREAD THE DRAMA LOVE !!

  486. Karinaideliz Ramos Says:

    I have problem to confirm my email… is because the email no arrive to my email What I have suppose to do?

  487. Alheid Bartelt Says:

    Lots of good reading here, thanks! I was searching on yahoo when I found your post, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to more from you.

  488. miss dorothy lee Says:

    in this world there maybe a lot of seperations, but on this site. we are one. we all enjoy these drama’s together.

  489. Ally Says:

    Thank you for your positive attitude and willingness to bring people together. Your efforts and hard work are greatly appreciated. 🙂

  490. igyul Says:

    i can’t login to viikii for almost a month now, someone knows if there is a problem with the site? i’m using firefox

  491. soso Says:

    Hello …. How are you?
    Thank you for your efforts wonderful
    But there is a problem with me
    I do not know that I can not chose to Arabic
    I can see the Arabic translation of the video

    I hope that you will help me in solving this problem
    Thank you

  492. grace Says:

    thank you so much for giving us a good service..gobles u and more power ..i really enjoy watching drama series..hope you continue ..and never be tired,,

  493. Wlang kwenta Says:

    mukha kyong pera! hnd gumagana dahil gsto nyo magdonate

  494. Wlang kwenta Says:

    Plus your plugin is really not working

  495. soso Says:

    It really does not work with me select the language
    What should I do so that I can be choosers Arabic language that I want
    Please help me

  496. Mokhtar Says:


    Good job guys …Thanks at all

    I’m from Egypt And my native language is Arabic , and i can understand English .


    I’ve got a question . Is it possible that I can download the subtitle file only ..?? My internet connection is so bad

    Thanks at all

  497. Raneem Says:

    I downloaded the plug in already and it worked great the first day but then the next day when i went to watch my drama it kept on telling me to download the plug in because of youtube sourced videos when i already downloaded the plug in. Im not able to watch Cinderellas sister and its pissing me off. I even uninstalled the plug in and installed it again and it installs great but the videos just won’t show. It keeps telling me to download it over and over again? is it from the site or a problem from my computer? help please.

  498. fcmike Says:

    Thank you for calling forlove sub thai,Thank you very much.

    ขอบคุณนะคะ สำหรับ calling for love ซับไทย

    ขอบคุณมาก ๆ ค่ะ

  499. candescence Says:

    hi. i am so extremely grateful i found this site. it opens up so many new things to me, and i love watching dramas! But, i have a question, once shows no longer remain on the main page, i.e. under most watched, how do you watch them? I wanted to watch down with love again, but when i type it into the search box nothing turns up?????

    i wasnt sure where to ask the questions =]=]sorry

  500. Bianca Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful idea which viikii.net. I’m fluent (read, write & talk) in English & Tagalog, so if you need translation from Tagalog to English or english to Tagalog just PM me 😀

  501. gau gau Says:

    chi oi cho em xin bog goo hye sun. thank

  502. gau gau Says:

    xin blog goo hye sun

  503. gau gau Says:

    please give me goo hye sun ‘s blog address

  504. Sinee Says:

    Can i ask how come im not able to watch any drama from viikii. It says tat license is pending in my country?

    Im from Singapore. Im missing out on alot of dramas! Pls help. =(

  505. Japan114 Says:

    I love coffee house, but i don’t have subtitle for it. Help me. engsub is ok, but I like vietsub most.

  506. Zehra Says:

    awwwww i am sooo glad u guys started this site,
    if u hadnt done tht, then i wouldnt knw wht my world would have
    been like, thankz a lot XD

  507. Suzie Says:

    I have donated to viikii on several occasaions, but today I wanted to give a gift to someone and the SECURED site will not allow me to. Of course, the unsecured portion would allow me to but I want a SECURED site to contribute through and not an unsecured site. Could you please help? Thank you very much.

  508. KWChan Says:

    How is that we are able to view Episode 27-30 of Korean Drama “The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok” in Sinagpore but not Episode 26.


  509. vishnu Says:

    Licensing agreement not completed yet in your territory.
    If you want video access to participate in translating this video,
    please contact ViiKii – how to be a certified translator

    Hw can i watch this video?
    I wanna Watch Dong Yi..
    Pls anyboby reply to it

    • namemelydia Says:

      If you still want to watch Dong Yi
      you could watch it at
      It has up to ep 31, more being added everyday.
      fast mirrors

  510. uemsook Says:

    I’m a newcomer for this website. As I am a great fan of Dong Yi I’d like to help translate English subtitle into Thai. Please advise how should I do. Thank you.

  511. amarachi Says:

    omg….i absolutelyyy loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee viikii. it is the best website for all those addicted asian drama lovers. i’ve tried mysoju, epdrama, dramasub, dramacrazy, crunchyroll, youtube, and many many more sites. overall i couldnt find anything as good as viikii. it is the best. im american and i dont watch american shows as much as i watch asian dramas, they r just 2 good. ive even picked up a few korean words. but i’ve been havin a problem lately…my internet is getting slow…my viikii videos r taking for ever to load….sometimes they dont even work. im just wondering if viikii is giving me viruses or is it the desktop pluggin thats causin it? its stressin me out caus i cant live without my dramas…im too addicted at this point. i dont wanna hav to find an alternative website, but i cant hav my computer crashin on me. i need help pleaseeee!
    mian haeyo(i kno that was long) gamsahabnida!!! 😀

  512. compare lcd tv Says:

    It is amazing that this project is being shared online. I visited the museum for the first time last May, a wish I’d had for a long time- it was fantastic

  513. Oksana Says:

    Sorry, I very bad not english…

    can you help our fansub group?

    We translate from English into Russian.
    We do this without mercenary aims.
    We make happy our audience.

    We want to ask English sub-title from you.

    If you can help us, write please, to me on mail or for our site!!

    We will be to you thankful!

  514. daikuto Says:

    hello everyone,
    im a new member here,
    and i really want to watch the CINDERELLA’S SISTER but the video’s are not available..anyone can tell me where can i watch it??PLEASE…..

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    can anyone help me delete my account from viikii

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    Love this site, NO MATTER what anyone says!!… You are my ‘enabler’ of sorts…Dramas are my DRUG of choice VIIKII my SUPPLIER..LOL

    Just one problem, why does it ask me to download the “plugin” when I have already…HELP, I’m just on an exciting part in “BAD GUY” and then it switches telling me to download AGAIN????…

    PLEEEEEZ help me!!!!! I need my FIX!!!!!PLEEEEEEEEZ

  517. Treva Marrow Says:

    I sometimes believe that the World is not going to be here too much longer.

  518. lilianac Says:

    Thank you, especially to baghera1954 for translation in romanian,and to vikii for bring us the new drama Bad Guy.Iam subjective because i like KNG, but he is really special kind of creative artist not only an gifted actor.I saw some of his characters like in No regrets, Portrait of a beauty,Lovers vanished and of course on tv here in my country Queen Seon Deok and after that, in all of them he has very good acting and making us to believe him really.For us all fans you made very good work,knowing translation is not a “soft” job.Expecting the next episodes, i hope to see how screenplayers and directors will solve the plots of this k-drama.

  519. ngenge1111 Says:

    How can I watch Kim SooRo and Dong Yi. Both dramas are not available. I cannot translate or I don’t know how to segment. I’ve contributed and I thought I would be able to watch, but now I could not watch even though I had contributed. Pls help me and advise me. Thanks!

  520. fioredoramania Says:

    toda la gentita cool q le guste los doramas japoneses.k me contacten pa tar al dia con los doramas……….aki mi face fior_ladulce@hotmail.com

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    hi! i’m just wondering, why can’t I access the viikii site now. are you having any problems with the site?

  522. Anon_Bass Says:

    Hey just wondering here but why is it this site is the only one with episode 14 of Kim Soo Ro, I kinda want to watch it but I also noticed that episode 15 isn’t being subbed at all, or rather it hasnt since its been out.

  523. LJS Says:

    how come i can’t watch all episode of You’re Beautiful??

  524. my63 Says:

    How come “daring women” site is “Invalid Channel” today? Does anyone have same problem? is it temporarily?

  525. my63 Says:

    Why did “Full house” korean version got removed? Is it going to be put back on once the video holder agreed. I love this dramas and i few so sad that i cannot show it to my friends…

  526. aew Says:

    why some series is not available????

  527. HTI Says:

    Can somebody hep with these error

    LIcensed not available in your territory

    Please somebody help

    I want to want to watch Kim Soo Roo or KIm Su Ru

  528. dennis siple Says:

    How do I watch the Great Merchant last episode with english subtitles. I’ve installed ViiKii and it’s running. I can play the video but there are no subs.

    Please help!


  529. Jessica507 Says:

    Hey Jiwon,
    It’s amazing what you have started and achieved with ViiKii. This is honestly a genius startup.
    I recently saw several great dramas on Hulu, which will certainly reach more Asian-drama-newbies. Any chance we’ll get more variety in dramas in Hulu (say, the immensely popular Let’s Watch The Meteor Shower Together)?

    Thanks so much for putting so much effort into maintaining ViiKii!

  530. TrelliWest Says:

    We love the site, but we cannot seem to access it today is the server possibly down. 😦

  531. Tishafi Says:

    I believe so….OMG….and BB was coming out today…right?

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    Hi! I really really love Viikii! It really helps me to learn mandarin better and in a amusing way!
    There is something that I don’t get, maybe there’s something wrong with my computer. Sometimes the video is said to be translated 100% in english, the sub is only showing up for a period of time and then it disappears. Someone having the same problem or have a solution for this? Thanks really much!

    For example episode 1 of ‘the unbeatable’


    halfway the sub disappears.

  533. silli1 Says:

    can u translate the taiwanese drama [love is full count] eps 9-13? the raw vids r @ tw.sugoitw.com? thanks & sorry

  534. Celi65 Says:

    Thanks very much for your hard work in the translation for Hotaru no Hikari 2. There is a missing segment in episode 5. I think there should be altogether 5 parts as part 4 of 5 is missing.

  535. Celi65 Says:

    Sorry I have not checked correctly, but yes it is all ok. Thanks all the same for all the hard work. I eagerly look forward to all future dramas. Great work everyone!!!

  536. Velma Hudson Says:

    i originally signed up under billbern. however that stopped working. i tried deleting my original sign up so that i could start anew. i can’t. how do i remove the original sign up and start anew?

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    how do i become a translator

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    Wow very nice. Not quite what i expected, it was better! keep them coming!

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    Hola! espero que lea esto . Gracias
    hace ya varios meses que no puedo reproducir ningún tipo de video en viikii, asi ya los haya visto el año pasado ninguno reproduce intente crearme una cuenta pero tampoco funciono, no sé que podría hacer
    y no es solo en mi computadora he intentado con otras y tampoco puedo pensé que era por la ubicacion , asi cambie mi direccion Ip pero tampoco.
    Soy de Perú y si me puedes sugerir puedes enviarme un e-mail a flor_il_15@hotmail.com

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    Why does it say invalid channel.

  543. ericka222 Says:

    I can’nt get any of the viikii plugins now I cant finish any of the shows that have viikii on them that kind of sucks…. I don’t know how to get them, Please help me so I know what to do thank viikii. I had them before but my computer crashed I had to do my whole computer all over again now I don’t havve the plug ins so how can I get them?

  544. visualize Says:

    Hi i was trying to help My girlfriend is a gumiho team finish the remaining subs because i subbed for viikii for a long time now and they blocked me out -__- is this permenant? I really didnt mean to upset them or set them back, i just wanted to help thats all.

  545. maltreti Says:

    Hi guys!
    Since yesterday i can’t log in at viikii. When I write my name and password and then click on the “log in” button only a window opens that says “Unknown Error”. I did not forget my password or nickname. I tried it several times but it just won’t work. Can someone please help me????!!!!
    Thank you^^

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    i’m new here…i hope you all can teach me how to use this website~

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    Thanks for your big idea to shake this world! 🙂

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    What’s up with your beautiful channel. It’s been like that for a while and I want to know why. Can it be fixed. I liked that channel. Please reply! Thanks.

  550. gominam33france Says:

    Hi !!i’m new here ,i began to write novel ,so enjoy it!!and tell me what do you think about .bye

  551. Pratisha Says:

    Roseate love from episode 6 onward is not working there is no video please help

  552. iiYzch Says:

    It took me years to decide to create an account here. LoL! I am totally otiose when it comes to that. I prefer viikii, where i can watch updated Korean series and other dramas. I am so into it. I’d been watching Korean, taiwanese, Japanese for almost 6 years. Thanks to those who keep on and not tiredly putting subbed. A big help for us. I am planning to learn Korean language. LoL. Isn’t it cool when you know how speak in Korean? ^_^ anyways. Keep on updating this site. 🙂

    • kate doan Says:

      wow,u’re planning to learn Korean?i really wanna learn it too but maybe a year later cuz im busy studying right now.i can speak Vietnamese and English,maybe i’ll learn Korean or Chinese later:)

  553. my63 Says:

    How do i watch “Can’t stop now”. All videos seems to be unavailable.
    Do i need to help with this site to get to watch it? I can only do English to Vietnamese if at all possible. I don’t know if i can do well.

  554. jannesa Says:

    PLS…how can i access the videos again…i was out from this site for a couple of weeks and my sister often watch videos from here…she’s not aware about the rules and she kept on watching the videos unknowingly that it will cause a great trouble if she watch videos when there’s still STOP sign…pls….pls…i want to watch vids in here.pls give me another chance viikii team…and thanks for all your efforts..God bless us all..and to,hwaiting~

  555. berry Says:

    HI THERE! I’m totally loving viikii and I’m so so thankful for it! allows me to catch all my fave latest korean dramas teehee (: anyway, I wanna ask if anyone has found a solution with regards to downloading the video with subtitles? Cos I downloaded the playful kiss episode, the video quality is awesome and everything but i’m really sad cos the subtitles doesn’t come with the video! ): anyone knows how to go about doing this?

    • eqa.k Says:

      could you tell me which software are u using to download them?
      i’ve tried my best to search for it,but at last,i found nothing~~
      TT TT

  556. Psyche3376 Says:

    hi, viikii!

    I can’t seem to get into the site 😦 When I go to the site, it just returns a blank screen… I always watch my movies and dramas here because it’s so cool and fast. Now, I am sad. What is wrong with viikii?

  557. fereshteh Says:

    i wanna watch movies trough this site
    but never never i could do this 😦

    • Psyche3376 Says:

      have you tried installing the viikii plugin? You can find it on the site itself. Sorry i could not give you the link since the viikii.net site on my pc isn’t working.

      The site recommends its installation before you can watch its movies and dramas…

  558. Folding Cycles Says:

    I have been attempting to explain the same thing to my homies but I think it’s better if I just email them the link to this page instead! Thankyou for such an insightful article.Hey how’s it going?

    • Psyche3376 Says:

      Is viikii.net working with your pc? Mine works only at the initial log-in, then when I click links to the videos it just returns a blank screen…

      I’m asking this because I’m getting frustrated that I can’t watch my favorite dramas 😦

      Please reply

  559. mishimy Says:

    espero que puedas leer esto lo mas antes posible! tengo el mismo problema que muchas viiki espectadoras, los videos no estan trabajando, quiero decir que no se pueden ver, la verdad no se que esta pasando, solo carga pero en ves de aparecer el video, aparece un aviso el cual no entiendo. en general, el problema es que no puedo ver mi dorama dfavorito a saber gumiho!!! por favor si alguien podria ayudarme mi correo es este: mireyi_sweetfriend69@hotmail.com, espero puedan ayudarme …gracias de antemano!!

  560. Emanuel Zelman Says:

    Fine blog, lots of valuable facts.

  561. Brian Says:

    Thank you Team Viikii
    The Chuno translations were Epic !! With out such quality
    subtittles we would be so poor. Chuno and all of its glory were crystal clear thanks to you .

  562. nami Says:

    yehey! got so excited to be a part of this site (never knew why lolz 😉
    Kudos to Viikii Team for making this site. Now i can watch korean series. I love it!!! Thanks and best regards (-.-)

  563. BEA Says:

    Muchas gracias por el enorme trabajo que hacen para quienes como yo aman la cultura asiatica, a la que he llegado de la mano de TVXQ. de ellos a mi aficion por los doramas ha sido solo un paso. disfruto de la calidad de su trabajo y darles las gracias es poco.
    Es un placer.

  564. isbella Says:


    Can someone help me. I dont know why but everytime i try and watch “Smile you” It keeps telling me invalid channel. Does this mean i can never watch it on vikkii?


  565. Red Says:

    Hello, I wanted to add subtitles in Spanish for Sungkyunkwan 6th episode, but I can’t, it says Spanish subtitles are locked by the manager.
    What can I do?

  566. ckdllk1 Says:

    Why is the Giant an invalid channel? What does this mean?

  567. rocknrose Says:

    Viikii is a genius idea, I was soo astonished by it

  568. isabel mary Says:

    darles las gracias a todos los q haen posible este blok upa eso sono como muy politico jajajaj pero serio garcias y no se me podrian dar informacon si hay traducccione en español de este sitio aver si me pueden ayudar gracias mil
    bye bye bye

  569. vania Says:

    i love viikii
    Amo viikii

  570. Edna Says:

    Tried to install the ViiKii plug in but I got this error message. Please help me.

    The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.

  571. hopelyn Says:

    Hello! great website!!! Thank you so much for the Playful Kiss! So love it!!! I wonder when’s the Episode 7 be available? I’m so excited!!! Woohoo!!! 😀

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    а просмотр онлайн сериалов платный для казахстанцев?ответь те пожалуйста..

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    umm,, btw it emg loading’a Lama?? ><" ato comp q ea?

  574. Marieta Says:

    hay.. I really love this site!! ❤
    I love to translate many dramas into my language.. 🙂

  575. bebeth Says:

    i love your videos for playful kiss. can you have a DVD of it please? i am an avid fan of kim hyun joong and SS501. i am not really a blogger and all if its possible to communicate via phone call. if you can give your contact number so i can call regarding the possible release of Playful Kiss DVD, kindly provide. Thanks!

  576. pea chan Says:

    thanks U so much <3, great site
    and can U sub "Enjoy today", please? I really want to watch it on english.
    I'm BigBang's fan, and SeungRi is so cute. If U watch it, U can see this is a so fun show.
    So, please ;____;

  577. Christie Says:

    Amazing idea! I have been watching asian dramas alone in my room (because I watch on my computer and live in a single) and make mental comments to myself, sometimes don’t even understand the cultural difference, and I feel a little out of place that only one of my friends likes watching too —- then I found the DISCUSSIONS tab on Viikii and feel like I really am watching these videos with other people! It helps my understanding and actually makes watching the episodes even more fun (and feel a little social)

  578. KArl Says:

    Wow that’s a great idea! when’s the Episode 7 be available?

  579. 1964 Says:

    nande sembu no vidio wa not available des ka

  580. Marcel mbil Says:

    emmmm. . .

  581. sakura96 Says:

    How can I become a qualified contributer?

  582. Jessica Says:

    hi. Can someone be so nice and translate for me three videos in english subtitles. The language is in chinese. Thanks. please I really want to understand the videos. If someone is willing to do it please write me back on my email: cat_girl1992@hotmail.com

  583. javalcha Says:

    please someone can help me, i want to watch playfull kiss but the video is not charging in my computer and i don´t know why, because i was watching in the mornig so i need some advice…

  584. rennerco Says:

    Thanks Viikii subbers for all your hard work. I love watching dramas. :] I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t watch something at least once a day.. I’M ADDICTED!!! lol. ^^

    I just wish they had a site for just music videos or something because there is one Korean song that I really like and i want the video subtitled but i can’t find it anywhere! It’s driving me crazy!! Sigh..

  585. reem Says:

    thank you ViiKii for everything you do , you make it easer for me , as am addicted to drama , i hope you expand and become #1 website as you r to me ❤ ❤

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    i love ur channel !!

    more powers . bless yuu :3

    yea yea xD

  587. Yunari Says:

    Thanks ViiKii for all the subbed dramas, i’ve gotten alot more new favorite dramas!! 😀
    I have a question though,
    for “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” ep 5-6 i cant seem to watch it….
    it would say ‘ video unavaliable License pending in your territory ‘
    does this mean i wont be able to continue to watch it until… this “someone” allows it? D:
    Please reply!

  588. katty Says:

    hola me puedes decir dond puedo encontrar MY GIRL con sub español gracias

  589. Jacky Says:

    hola! Viikii,
    he visto varias series en tu viikii.net y la verdad me encantan!!!

    tengo una pregunta, he estado mirando I LOVE YOU, DON´T CRY,
    pero me he dado cuenta que a partir del capitulo 70 ya no esta en español, y quiero saber si la seguiran traduciendo???. la verdad me encanta la trama y quiero ver su final.

    les agradesco a ti y a tu equipo su labor,… es muy bonita


  590. pia Says:

    love the concept of this site!!
    Thank you for translators, contributors etc.. .

    i really enjoy watching drama’s from other countries.

  591. Locksmith Knoxville Says:

    For whatever reason i’m receiving a blank page after i make an effort to post a comment,do you know the key reason why its heading?i’m employing oprea web-browser

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    hello! please upload more episode to the drama SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL. love the story so much! its funny and interesting…. please…..

  593. imron (ion) Says:

    aku suka ma lee min ho (gun jun pyo)

  594. Violette Says:

    Super idea!!!!! You do really a hard work guys!!!!

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    ….gud job……but my english not gud….he3…..

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    hey! does anybody know how can i add videos to my profile…there is no “add new video” button…let me know thanks

  597. MaPrang89 Says:

    Is it true !!! there won’t be ENLISH SUB for SKKS any more. WHY???

  598. tunetune Says:

    Hello Viikii-Team!

    This is Mimi from Germany and I’m really fond of your website and your great work.
    Well, I already watched lots of channels on viikii.net cause you’re kind of the first that have it with subtitles on. But lately I recognized that there are not that many people which translate the videos into german language, are there? I just thought so, cause I would need to wait lots of time to see everything in german. Well and cause I know that there are lots of people in germany which truely love dramas on viikii.net, I would like to help you translate some dramas into german language from time to time. I’m able to understand the english subtitles very good and so I would love to translate them into german.
    But I don’t know where to ask properly!
    Can anybody of you help me to find a way to help?
    I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you, Mimi.

  599. valentine125 Says:

    Hi!! I like Korean drama so much! And I found this “viikii” ^^. It’s so good.
    All dramas can help me to learn Korean & Eng.

  600. nhelli Says:

    Whatta brilliant idea. I’ll give my two thumbs up!! It’s amazing to see how we could communicate with people around the world. More power and Keep up the good work ♥

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    favor no puedo ver algunos videos de viikii aunque ya he instalado el ViiKii Desktop Plugin y aun nada
    ejemplo no puedo ver desde el episodio de mi novia es un “Mi novia es un gumiho” pero estoy viendo “Comenzo con un beso”

    no se porque

  602. rennerco Says:

    Why aren’t the Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episodes Available? I only watch Ep 1&2.. I would really like to see the rest of them.

  603. blastoop Says:

    hallo, i already trying to donate in viiki, but every time i clicked the button, thiss messages is always appear 😦
    “Connection closed by remote server”
    i already trying for a weeks, do you know the other way how to donate ? thanks

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    I love viikii!!!! I am so glad that I found this website. I hope in the future I will be able to add on my own projects to share with everyone.

  605. tifani Says:

    waw…awesome!!! thanks Viikii…love it!

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    que tal ehh genial me encanta el blog excelente calidad en traducción chicos los proyectos seleccionados son geniales en particular los doramas coreanos son mis favorito es espero en el futuro ser de su ayuda ok sigan asi y fighting ok, me despido deseando les un buen día y buena suerte jaja ,,,,,!!!!!+_+

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    You are a genious.

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    Thats are interest facts which will support me to go forward by the search for much more data.

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    “i want also to help but i don’t know how to start. im a newbie here, i hope i can help somehow..” 🙂

  610. Lind Says:

    I tried subbing Personal Taste in Japanese, but when I tried to save it told me that Japanese subs are locked by the manager. What does this mean?

  611. cel' Says:

    Managers and moderators can lock subs so that non-QC can’t sub.
    It’s mainly used to prevent people from subbing into other languages when the english team is working. If no-one asked the manager or moderators to unlock the japanese subs, they might have forgotten to do it.
    PM the manager of the channel or any mod to ask them to unlock the japanese subs

  612. jacinda Says:

    can u sub WGM’s caramel couple in eng? i know that they are previous and everything. but i really really want to watch it. please? 🙂

  613. Angel Says:

    Keep up the good work all you viikii folks slaving for us obssessed viewers…..luv u guys…

  614. fresamay Says:

    hi!can i ask how can i attach a music playlist on my viikii?

  615. fresamay Says:

    i really love the translations of playful kiss and playful kiss itself…!!!!thank you very much viikii!!!you’re really amazing!!!lol[///-,=)

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    안녕하세요;viikii 감사합니다 for everything you’r soooooooooo amazin’ love you so much….thanks

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    i really rally want to watch a korean drama sunkyunkwan skandal but this video not available

    how to access this vidoe? thanksT.T

  618. lolita Says:

    can you please get a permission for drama playful kiss..the video that i watched not finished until its end..it disappeared after a few minutes running.so frustrated…please give me an idea how can i get the full video…please…

  619. Keenan Barcia Says:

    wow this seems genuinely great do you thoughts if i share this?

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    hi there viikii! i really wanna thank you guys for all the hardwork ur doing…subbing korean dramas…thanks a lot! will always be supporting you all the way!

    got a question though, i can’t seem to find the official channel of sungkyunkwan scandal. the last time i checked it was 3 weeks ago, and the license is still pending.please please inform me what happened to the channel.cant seem to find it.huhuhu. im a real big fan os sungkyunkwan scandal….please please help! thanks a lot!

  621. Porfirio Woodby Says:

    Wow, I’ve a webpage as well but I can’t write too as you do. Good stuff.

  622. Krissu26 Says:

    Hi…i would like to know how can i segment a videos capture …i have watched the clip but i cant do it? How can i add subs if the video isnt segmented??..
    The viikii team is really great.. good luck ..

  623. mi chi Says:

    i fell in love with your site although there are some i cant have some access still i like it

  624. Isabella Says:

    why are some channels are saying they are invaled then were are the videos

  625. newest jordan shoes Says:

    Thanks for the introduction! I am always reading your blog and only today I have spotted the post with introduction! I am one hundred percent sure that Jodi is cool as other members are. Good luck in your future work

  626. sparky Says:

    i like vikkii very much i have been watching you don’t know women and giant but i tried to watch it yesterday but its not there any more is there a problem it is it going to be put back on so we can finish it it also sair it was a invalid chanel please let me know thanks

  627. Marge Española Says:

    Hi there. I’m glad I found this site and I’m loving it more when I watch dramas. How can i possibly become a segmenter or editor because I don’t have the quality to become a subber since I have no any background of other languages? Please message me or reply here ‘coz I want to also extended my help as long as I am interested and I can do it. Thanks! God bless Viikii!

  628. Marge Española Says:

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  635. iemriz Says:

    how do you download videos from vikii including the subtitle already?

  636. FUnny Says:

    What’s wrong with viikii, why the web site doesn’t work?

  637. Soo Min Says:

    Hello!!.. .mm I had some problems to find the channel “Oh!” “My lady” only encounter some videos…me can you help? It seems that they erased the channel or something as well. Thank you!

  638. lyn Says:

    hi! hello! thank you for sharing playful kiss,i love the cast! especially
    “oh ha ni and seung jo ” playful kiss part 2 please!!!!!!!!

  639. anna88 Says:

    I love this site!!!! How can I be a Polish translator (from English) cuz my Korean is very limited by now. Also is it possible to watch Korean dramas with Korean subs or only in other languages? Also what is going on with this license in your area and for translators only?
    Thanks for help:D

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    any video
    can i find some help

  642. Mia Says:


    Estoy escribiendoles ya que al tratar de ver los videos de la serie que me encanta (Dr. Champ) me dice que no puedo, es un video invalido ya que no existe la licencia completa en mi territorio, quisiera saber que puedo hacer para poder accesar y ver la serie?

    Soy mexicana, super fan de Tae Woong…


  643. susan Says:

    hi viikii,ur channel very nice.i love it.may i ask u about to be ur subber,from chinese dram to english.tks a lot

  644. LISA Says:

    Hey guys i’m new to Viikii. i used to watch k-dramas on viikii, until i thought to myself you know what, i’m gonna make an account. so please take care of me. 감사합니다 (thank you)

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    hi.. i really love this site. i enjoy watching the korean dramas most especially dramas of jang geun suk. im hoping that you make a eng subs of mary stayed out all night soon.. i cant wait.. more power to your site.

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    certaines videos ne peuvent être vues que par des contributeurs qualifiées donc je voulais savoir comment en faire partie
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  648. roja Says:

    i love this channel very much ; iluv k-dramas,movies very much.
    I’ve almost completed all the dramas having eng subs. still there are so many of them not subbed,broken links etc. my fav are Goong, PK.
    Any ways nice work especially to subbers. best of luck. thank u.

  649. @nny Says:

    Hi!, I’m @nny and I’m peruvian. I love watching doramas. I found this web site, and it love me. I was seeing different doramas but the mayorie of this haven’t got subtitles. I was amazing because I found that the videos of Viikii channel have subtitles in differents lenguages. So I’m so happy because I can see my favorite dorama in spanish, so I very thanks with you.
    (I´m really sorry for my bad english, but I´m still studying it)

  650. mitsuko2 Says:

    salut =) j’aime vraiment ce site mais je voudrai savoir à qui il faut s’adresser pour participer au traductions des dramas ?

  651. Diane Says:

    any chance you might put up 성균관 스캔들 with english sub? this drama is super cute.. cant get enough

    thank you

  652. annie Says:

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  653. mariel Says:

    I am so depressed right now because I can’t access the video’s because it said that it’s unavailable and it said that it could be the request of the rights holders and / or due to licensing discussions. what does this mean? What should I do about this? 😦

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  661. Ali Says:

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    I tried my previous ID and Password, but can’t enter.
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    This is a brilliant, brilliant concept. Really good use of the internet; I love the idea of people contributing to better translations. And I love having other cultures open to me, at least their movies!

  668. RoZa Says:

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  669. jero Says:

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  670. Rachel Says:

    I’m having problem accesing the new address of Viikii website. It is said that this website is blocked. Please help me solve this problem. I have had no problem accessing Viikii in the past, until it changed website address.


  671. Sylva Says:

    VIIKII – To the translators – thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think you guys are doing a great job. Thank you VIIKII for the clear pictures. I like the new look. I don’t watch TV anymore, I just watch those lovely dramas.
    VIIKII – I am having trouble viewing all the videos. It is asking me for ‘JavaScript and Flash are required to play videos on ViKi’. I have the latest Flash player & Java updated and it still not working. I can’t watch any of the lovely translated shows. I would appreciate if you are able to help me.

  672. Swetoo0oo Says:

    I want to ask, why Is viikii websit still block???
    Is there anew websit??
    can any one help pllllllllez…

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  708. hopeful Says:

    hey i was wondering if someone can finish eng subbing Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Again? the second season? i just love that show and the subs are only up to episode 21 i think…I’d be really thankful if someone finished subbing it! 😀 thanks

  709. 143 Says:

    they should totally make an apps of this!!!
    i really like your sight but i use my itouch all of the time sooo i cant watch it!! it would be nice if theres an specific apps for all asian drama 😀

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  714. kathy Says:

    Hi, i was wondering why the link for the desktop plugin wasn’t working. Are you going to put up a new one. if not, could you give me a link to where i could download it from?? :S

  715. Shaori90 Says:

    Hello guys,

    I’ve got a quick question.
    I just wanted to watch one of my favorites japanese drama right now, but as I looked on Viki I saw, that there are no more
    japanese dramas. All of them are deleted.

    Did I miss some announcements or anything else?

    Best wishes!

  716. Psyche3376 Says:


    I noticed the same in some of my subscribed channels…. It’s a pity, I wanted to watch those TV dramas and movies again 🙂

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    trs bhs.indo nya jg gx ada??
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    Love you viki.

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